Tuesday, July 23, 2024

    Solsniffer Is The First Token Sniffer On Solana About To Set A New Security Standard

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    Solsniffer, the first blockchain intelligence tool for the Solana blockchain, is now live!

    Bonk’s explosive rise gave Solana an impressive boost in traders adoption, but with great power comes great challenges. The inflow of scams on Solana made it clear it needed a security upgrade.

    The app allows Solana traders to make better-informed decisions by detecting security risks on Solana tokens with +18 security indicators. Some of these include mint risk, freeze risk, liquidity check, metadata immutability, and many more.

    In the future versions of the blockchain intelligence tool, over 40 security indicators will be used to analyze Solana tokens, and an API will also be deployed for ecosystem partners building with our technology.

    Solsniffer aims to become a leader in the blockchain intelligence sphere on Solana.

    “As the first blockchain intelligence app of its kind on Solana, we believe Solsniffer represents the need for traders to be safe and to understand the risks of the tokens they interact with. It is no longer business as usual for scammers; it’s time to be a step ahead of fraud,” say the team founders.

    Experienced with innovative blockchain products, the team is planning to release a new platform update every week until the roadmap is completed.

    Announcements will be released in the coming weeks inside the Solsniffer Telegram community.

    For more information, visit solsniffer.com.

    About Solsniffer

    Solsniffer is the first Solana token sniffer against vulnerabilities, security risks and frauds. As visionaries in the blockchain security space, the Solsniffer’s team aims to set a new security standard on Solana. With its 1-click token scanning, Solana users can make better-informed decisions by detecting potential scams.

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