Monday, April 22, 2024

    L2 app store DapDap launches with the support of NEAR, Linea, Bitget Wallet, Li.Fi and more

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    Decentralized app store DapDap launches on mainnet with the support of strategic partners such as NEAR, Linea, Bitget Wallet, Li.Fi, and more. DapDap offers a pioneering gateway that simplifies navigation across various Layer 2 (L2) DeFi protocols, presenting users with a single, user-friendly interface where everything happens inside the gateway. The platform officially debuted on mainnet February 17th, 2024 and now opens its door to users with a series of campaigns in collaboration with major Layer 2s, dApps, and wallet partners.

    DapDap’s innovative approach provides users with a seamless user experience, offering support for over 130+ dApps including trading, liquidity management, asset bridging, and more. Its comprehensive services cater to retail users, L2 enthusiasts, experienced DeFi traders, and Web3 newbies alike.

    Key Features of DapDap Include:

    • Decentralized Frontends via NearJS: DapDap leverages NearJS to create decentralized frontends, consolidating various DeFi protocols into a single interface. The DapDap gateway hosts and aggregates decentralized frontends, providing users with unparalleled accessibility.
    • Partnerships with the Linea and Scroll Foundations: DapDap has partnered with leading foundations to host frontends for Uniswap V3 on their respective chains. These partnerships underscore the relevance of Decentralized Frontends-as-a-service (DFaaS) in enhancing user experience and accessibility.
    • Enhanced Frontend Security: DapDap ensures enhanced security by hosting frontend source code directly on-chain, enabling users to verify legitimacy and guard against DNS attacks common in Web3 dApps.
    • Improved UX and Onboarding Experience: DapDap streamlines user onboarding with features such as Quick Onboarding, dedicated ecosystem pages, and curated user flows for various on-chain activities.

    The DapDap development team comprises seasoned Web3 developers with extensive experience in the NEAR ecosystem, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

    “We are thrilled to unveil DapDap, a game-changer in the DeFi space,” said 0xSocratic, Founder at DapDap. “Our platform offers a gateway to Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, providing users with unparalleled accessibility and security. With DapDap, navigating the world of L2s has never been easier.”

    To celebrate its launch, DapDap will kick off a series of week-long campaigns, featuring a Galxe campaign as well as and Quests on the DapDap platform. Participants will earn DapDap Points ($PTS), which will relate to the DapDap native token upon its launch.

    For more information about DapDap and to explore its services, visit

    About DapDap

    DapDap is your universal entry point into Ethereum L2s. The platform offers a seamless, user-friendly gateway that streamlines navigation across the world of DeFi and presents it under a single UI. With support for over 130+ dApps, DapDap boasts a comprehensive list of services, featuring trading, liquidity management, asset bridging, and more.

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