Sunday, July 14, 2024

    Hooked Protocol Unveils Education Launchpad, Debuting with Groundbreaking BRC20 Project TUNO

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    Hooked Protocol (‘Hooked’), the world’s first Web3 social learning platform, proudly introduces Hooked Education Launchpad. As part of Hooked 2.0, it serves as a fair launch platform, empowering qualified projects to educate the community for perpetual growth. The initiative not only supports emerging forces but also drives innovation in Web3, building a diverse ecosystem through collaborative projects and rewarding active involvement.

    Hooked Education Launchpad embraces a unique fair launch model, utilizing the $HOOK token for a streamlined process. This exclusive opportunity caters to early-stage projects, facilitating their growth and interaction within the Web3 community. Through a secure liquidity pool feature, early-stage initiatives can incentivize active participation and engagement, offering token rewards before their official public launch. This mechanism not only helps the projects with liquidity but also nurtures a community of eager learners and early adopters.

    The launch of the Hooked Education Launchpad marks an exhilarating milestone with the introduction of the first BRC20 project, TUNO. In the dynamic landscape of the burgeoning Bitcoin ecosystem, TUNO emerges as a pioneering solution. It seamlessly combines the liquidity of the Bitcoin network (BTC) with EVM networks, integrating flawlessly within the interconnected Hooked Ecosystem. This innovation unlocks unprecedented liquidity, revolutionizes token transfers, and propels the expansion of Bitcoin, creating a seamless bridge between networks.

    With the debut of the Education Launchpad and the introduction of TUNO, starting December 28th at 12 UTC, participants can now engage by staking between 20,000 to 200,000 $HOOK tokens for 30 days in the launch pool to earn $TUNO shares for free, staking 20,000 $HOOK can yield 1 Reward Share, equivalent to 10,000 $TUNO. This integration of theoretical learning with practical experience, along with thoughtfully designed incentives, allows users to stake $HOOK tokens without additional costs, earning rewards proportionate to their stake, which not only benefits the Hooked community directly but also reflects its commitment to an impactful educational approach.

    With the initial unveiling of TUNO, Hooked showcases its pioneering role within the BRC20 projects and Bitcoin ecosystems, highlighting its proactive approach to exploring industry trends and providing users with enticing opportunities in pioneering projects and ecosystems. As Hooked Protocol introduces HOOKED 2.0, its commitment to reshaping Web3 education becomes even more resolute, remaining steadfast in its dedication to innovative Web3 education and the continuous empowerment of perpetual growth for everyone.

    About Hooked Protocol

    Hooked Protocol is the world’s 1st Web3 social learning platform, transforming over 10,000,000+ users. Our vision is to create an immersive open educational network for billions of people, to educate and engage the global community in embracing Web3, and master Web3 for perpetual growth.

    At Hooked, we aim to achieve on-chain education success by building an AI-driven Web3 social learning metaverse, where people engage in learning, socialise with networks, and enjoy web3 success in the connectivity of systems of both virtual economy and real-world assets. Join us at Hooked Protocol, where the future of education meets the potential of Web3.

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