Monday, April 22, 2024

    AltLayer launches SDK to streamline hyperchain deployment on zkSync

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    AltLayer, a decentralized protocol that facilitates the launch of rollups, today announced that it has teamed up with Matter Labs, a software development, engineering, and cryptography company working on and developing the software for the zkSync protocol, a Layer2 trustless protocol that provides a scaling solution for Ethereum. Now, users can leverage AltLayer’s rollup SDK and associated infrastructure to optimally deploy zk-based Layer2 or Layer3 hyperchains building with ZK Stack.

    Built on cutting-edge ZK-rollup technology, zkSync delivers lightning-fast transaction speeds and significantly reduces gas fees, ensuring a seamless experience for end users. Answering the call for app-specific rollups and greater interoperability in a siloed L2 environment, zkSync introduced ZK Stack, a modular framework of ‘hyperchains’ that allow for ZK-powered application-tailored products to be built on top of zkSync. Delivering composability and interoperability, hyperchain users will enjoy super-fast liquidity transfers between protocols within the ecosystem.

    An ideal choice for dApps prioritizing fast deployment and processing speeds, and data availability – hyperchain can unlock tremendous potential for dApps across Web3 gaming, SocialFi, DeFi, and beyond.

    AltLayer and zkSync

    AltLayer has enabled access to hyperchain functionalities via our Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) which offers tooling, no-code platform, third-party integrations, and rollup customizations that can fast-track building, deployment, and the interoperability journey for developers.

    AltLayer’s RaaS offering makes it easier to customize and deploy application-tailored rollups. By leveraging AltLayer, dApp builders who wish to become a part of the hyperchain ecosystem on zkSync can do so without having to host or maintain any of the node infrastructure that underpins a typical hyperchain rollup. This can save substantial time, manpower, and resources for dApp developers and allows them to focus their expertise on dApp development.

    In collaboration with the Matter Labs team and other third-party service providers, AltLayer also plans to launch hyperchain dedicated services across indexing, explorers, account abstraction, and other services.

    Who should be using hyperchains?

    “AltLayer has a consistent track record of building outstanding products that clearly correlate with the solutions the industry looks for as it matures and brings on more use cases to blockchain”, said Marco Cora, SVP of Business and Operations at Matter Labs. “Our focus is to provide developers with the tools needed to build as efficiently as possible on zkSync. Adding AltLayer and its know-how to the stack of tools available for builders from all walks of life, whether they are DeFi protocols, enterprises, or web2 companies transitioning to web3, AltLayers’s RaaS Launchpad is a critical piece of infrastructure as it will allow teams to focus on what matters most: their unique use cases enabled through ZK Stack while simultaneously speeding up time to market.”

    Yaoqi Jia, CEO of AltLayer said: “zkSync’s userbase is massive and ever-growing, and hyperchain’s potential will only add to this. This collaboration is an incredible opportunity to see the combined strengths of two game-changing technologies: hyperchain’s high-performance, interoperable, and rapid-fast deployment functionalities for ZK-based applications, combined with the convenience, customization, and built-in tooling of AltLayer’s rollups. Together, I believe it can shift the needle in the ‘modular’ world.”

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