Sunday, June 23, 2024

    Introducing the Hiro Platform: The First Complete Developer Solution for Bitcoin Smart Contracts

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    Hiro, the developer tools company for Bitcoin layers, today announced the launch of the Hiro Platform, a hosted development environment that enables the creation and deployment of Bitcoin smart contracts directly from a web browser and without the need for any software installations. By dramatically simplifying the developer experience, the Hiro Platform opens the door to more developers who want to build on the original and most secure blockchain.

    With the Hiro Platform, developers can streamline their workflows with a convenient, ready-to-use development environment. They can access a wide range of ready-made smart contract examples for popular Web3 use cases, such as Bitcoin NFTs and trustless swaps between Stacks and Ordinals and Stacks and Lightning. These smart contracts are written in Clarity, the main programming language for Stacks, which is the smart contract layer for Bitcoin.

    The Hiro Platform reduces context switching for developers, who can quickly discover smart contracts, clone examples, customize them, or simply deploy as is. Experienced users can also create and refine their own custom smart contracts, with all of their code saved in one convenient cloud-based location. Developers have the option to push their code to GitHub from the Hiro Platform, making it easy to collaborate with team members. The Hiro Platform also comes with pre-installed tools such as VS Code, Git, Clarity for VS Code, and Clarinet, which means developers can go from contract conception to mainnet deployment faster than you can say “Satoshi.”

    “The Hiro Platform not only increases developer productivity but also reduces the friction in deploying smart contracts on Bitcoin layers, ultimately driving the growth and adoption of decentralized applications,” said Alex Miller, CEO of Hiro. “This comes at a crucial moment as excitement for building on Bitcoin reaches an all-time high.”

    The platform guides developers through the smart contract development and deployment process, whether they are new to Clarity smart contracts or seasoned experts. The Hiro Platform makes it easy to get started and scale by letting developers build, unit-test, debug, and deploy all from a web browser.

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    Hiro builds developer tools that bring Web3 to Bitcoin. Hiro’s platform and suite of tools unlock the full potential of Bitcoin through smart contracts, digital assets, and decentralized applications. For more information, please visit:

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