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    BitClave Merges Pre-ICO with Full Sale Round as User Volume Peaks

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    An unexpected participants’ turnout prompted BitClave to replan its fundraising round which was originally scheduled to take place on September 15, 2017.

    The decentralized search engine platform announced a day before the scheduled pre-sale that they had received a massive amount of whitelisting registrations. The team had never anticipated a huge turnout, as it hinted; but after a number of leading blockchain projects started taking interest in BitClave, the number of people seeking participation in the pre-sale round reached as much as 15,000. The whitelist was not equipped to handle such a large volume.

    “Taking this into account, we decided to merge both fundraising phases and launch the full token sale in October, the BitClave team stated. “This will allow us to extend the whitelist and meet the demands of the growing community.”

    The community showered mix reactions on BitClave’s sudden change of ICO plans. TomFord on Medium expressed his disappointment in the way BitClave team handled things, adding that the startup should have been prepared to handle larger volumes. BitClave, however, felt that it was necessary to do things right than quickly, metaphorically mentioning a car manufacturing unit that stops production after noticing significant flaws in the car design.

    “Our community is very important to us,” BitClave told NewsBTC while responding to a request for the press statement. “We really feel that in order to ensure the best experience for our users and supporters, accommodating the unexpected volume into the whitelist becomes the top priority.”

    The team confirmed that user volume started to go north only one-week before the pre-ICO launch. There was no way they could anticipate such a large participation. At the same time, it is happy with the turnout BitClave received, for the volume signified people’s growing trust in the platform’s capability. It stated:

    “People believe in BitClave’s capability to build an active search ecosystem that eliminates ad service middlemen and creates a direct connection between business and customers. Our system enables people to control their identity, to decide who has access to their data, and to get paid whenever businesses use their data to make them offers.”

    The combined ICO round will now begin in October 2017.

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