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    Archive.Org Receives More Donations in BTC Cash Compared to BTC

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    It is always remarkable to see how generous cryptocurrency enthusiasts can be. More specifically, there are always people willing to share their wealth with whoever needs it. In the case of, they are getting a solid amount of money from the cryptocurrency community so far. Not only in Bitcoin, mind you, but they get even more money from BCH supporters. That in itself is pretty interesting to keep an eye on.

    Every year, has its donation drive. This service is invaluable to all Internet users all over the world. It provides a lot of content for people to enjoy without any copyright repercussions whatsoever. Moreover, it is also considered to be the “archive” of the internet itself, which is something we should all cherish. Services like these can’t operate without proper support from the community and a bit of financial backing. now Accepts Both BTC and BCH

    More specifically, it is why the yearly donation drive from is so interesting. It always attracts a lot of attention, and cryptocurrencies play a big role in this process. Last year, they raised a decent amount of money in Bitcoin. This year, they are not just accepting BTC, but also Bitcoin Cash, which is an interesting decision. So far, it seems like these efforts are paying off, as there is a genuine interest from the BCH community. No one wants to see go away anytime soon.

    With over $4,800 collected from BCH donations, the decision is certainly a good one. Surprisingly, this amount is over twice as high as all Bitcoin donations combined. One wouldn’t necessarily expect this situation to evolve in such a direction from day one. However, there are always some good surprises to be found in the world of cryptocurrencies. With Bitcoin Cash donations outpacing Bitcoin, things have taken an interesting turn.

    It is good to see the cryptocurrency community support this donation drive by Similar to any other “charitable goal”, any form of Bitcoin can make a big impact in this regard. It is possible the BTC donations are lower due to the increasing network fees. Whether or not that is the case, remains to be determined, though. There is a genuine interest from both communities, which is all that matters. Any sort of “race” unfolding is only a secondary aspect to pay attention to. How all of this will play out in the long run, has yet to be determined.

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