Sunday, July 14, 2024

    Udao Announces First Public Presale For Revolutionary Web3 Skills Economy Platform

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    Udao, a global Web 3.0 platform designed to empower users to learn new skills and match them to relevant job opportunities, announces its first public presale event. This provides an opportunity to everyone to engage in the Web 3.0 transformation of the education sector.

    To participate in the Udao presale, mark your calendars for the Super Early Bird Days, taking place from September 25 to October 5, 2023. Detailed information can be found on the Udao’s website.

    Facing the Global Skills Crisis

    In today’s rapidly changing world, there is an ever growing gap between skill supply and demand in the dynamic labor market.

    Consider the findings from the renowned experts:

    • There are 1 billion people worldwide who need to reskill very soon as of the World Economic Forum (WEF)
    • Approximately half of the job skills we have today will be automated in the near future (WEF)
    • 87% of the companies worldwide claim to have skill gaps (McKinsey)

    Selim Kangeldi, CEO of Udao, passionately expressed his motivation, “Two out of three of my children will enter a job that does not exist yet. I want a solution that is of value for all the coming generations including my children’s.”

    To overcome this global Skills Crisis that affects all of us, there is an emerging need for a global skills platform that effectively addresses these challenges.

    Pioneering the Future of Learning with Udao

    Udao offers a transformative solution to the evolving world, ensuring the relevance of skills in the new era. We believe and support people who foster lifelong learning of skills to achieve their goals, no matter whether and what diplomas they hold.

    The Udao platform is designed to prioritize practical skills and real-world knowledge. It will act as a global hub for learners and organizations. Powered by the cutting-edge AI, Udao matches users’ skills with the demands of organizations, effectively closing the skill gap.

    Contribute-to-Earn (C2E) with the UDAO Token

    UDAO is an ERC-20 token that is in the heart of this transformative ecosystem. It empowers the community members with payment flexibility, governance rights, platform rewards, and exclusive features. It offers a financial incentive for every user to contribute to the platform’s success, emphasizing the experience of sharing power and profit within the community.

    Stay Relevant and Grow with Udao

    With Udao, learners will access courses directly aligned with the needs of hiring organizations, while the platform addresses the pressing issues of skill gaps and inequality in upskilling and reskilling. Udao’s innovative business model ensures that every user participates in the platform’s success.

    About Udao

    As a project of anywAI AG, based in the Crypto Valley Zug in Switzerland, Udao benefits from the country’s highest level of global safeguards for crypto businesses. Udao envisions a global community that empowers everyone to acquire, improve, and share their skills directly with others in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way for the good of society. Partnerships with esteemed institutions and companies, including the European Academy for Executive Education, underscore Udao’s commitment to excellence.

    At Udao, courage, curiosity, transparency, and trust are the guiding principles that unify the community. These values drive innovation, exploration, open collaboration, and the establishment of lasting relationships built on mutual respect, ethics, integrity, and responsibility.


    For more information, please visit the website or follow them on social media:





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