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    Is RobotEra Going to Become the Hottest Presale of 2022? There’s Huge Potential Behind this Metaverse Building Project

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    If there’s one word that has been setting the market abuzz this year, it’s metaverse. The number of entities, both inside and outside the space, that have been building metaverse. It’s obvious why: the metaverse has enormous potential in becoming a virtual social network on a scale that Web2 social media can only dream of.

    In this hot space, there’s been one project that’s been particularly notable with the impressions it has been making: RobotEra. The projects offer a robust social experience – but with some killer features that other metaverses don’t have.

    What’s Making RobotEra Such a Hot Topic?

    The metaverse space is expected to hit a global market size of $730 billion by 2028 and that shows with the number of new projects launching. What’s critical at this point in time for long-term success is to launch a metaverse that has a solid foundation and plan.

    That’s why RobotEra is attracting investors to its presale. The project has a lot of unique features that could cement its place as one of the premier virtual worlds, giving much of that power to players.

    The theme of RobotEra is that of futuristic robots and players’ avatars in the metaverse are these robots. Unlike other metaverses, the social aspect is strong and players can engage in a variety of social experiences. This includes participating in attending music concerts, nightclubs, salons, and museums.

    Players can also create their own interactive experiences without requiring any prior coding knowledge. The editor allows players to create robots and buildings. These can then be sold on the marketplace, or players can keep robot companions for themselves.

    The team also employs a clever mechanism to make sure the social experiences are always fresh. Players can host events for which others will have to buy tickets. The currency of the game is the TARO token and this has a range of benefits, including staking on the platform for those who want passive income.

    Those interested in a highly inventive social metaverse platform should check out RobotEra’s presale. It is currently in the first stage, with the price of TARO being $0.020. The next stage will bump the price up to $0.025 and the third and final will make it $0.032. The minimum investment is $20 and the token can be bought with either USDT or ETH.

    RobotEra May Lead the Crowded Metaverse Pack

    The metaverse niche will continue to dominate headlines in 2023 and crypto enthusiasts will want to watch the projects with solid ideas. RobotEra is one of these and has many fundamental design choices that make it one to watch. There is enormous investment potential for investors in this space so they would do well to at least check out some of the better projects.

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