Tuesday, May 28, 2024

    DistrictOne, a social space with money games, launched on Blast

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    In the rapidly evolving world of SocialFi, DistrictOne (D1) reinvents group chats with engaging money games built on the Blast L2. A runner-up victory in the Blast Big Bang competition heralds D1’s potential to revolutionize by blending social fun with financial incentives, compared to other SocialFi apps that are too focused on financial speculation.

    D1’s debut aligns with Blast’s mainnet rollout on February 29, introducing a unique approach to social interaction in the Web3 space. Developed by the OpenLeverage team and fueled by the OLE token, D1 is supported by industry giants, including Binance Labs and Crypto.com Capital, amongst a coalition of 25 crypto-native backers.

    OLE tokens offer multifaceted utility across DistrictOne and c platforms, with listings on major exchanges like KuCoin, Crypto.com, and Gate.io. This digital asset is a cornerstone of D1’s ecosystem, where users can earn D1 Gems, Blast Gold, and OLE through bi-weekly airdrops while using OLE to participate in unique money games like Linkup, Rally, Sprint, SpaceShare, Battles, and more.

    D1 extends an invitation to influencers and projects to create vibrant communities within its network. The platform facilitates social interaction, sustained engagement, and monetization, setting the stage for a social hub integrated with Web3 functionalities.

    #D1 Roadmap Highlights:

    • Feb 29: D1’s mainnet launch on Blast L2.
    • March: Social-Driven Token Distribution, a new way to distribute airdrop.
    • April: Rollout of Battle Mode, enhancing competitive social interactions.
    • May: Integration of in-chat dApp functionality, building third-party apps ecosystem.
    • In 2024: Launching a significant 50M OLE D1 Airdrop event.

    Stay Connected: Explore D1’s ecosystem at DistrictOne.io


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