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    Crypto Prop Firm HyroTrader Seeks Traders: Trade with Up to $1M in Capital

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    Are you a skilled crypto trader ready to take your career to new heights? HyroTrader, an esteemed crypto prop trading firm headquartered in Prague, is actively seeking talented individuals to join their team and trade with capital ranging from $100,000 to $1 million.

    HyroTrader, originally established in 2022 as the trading platform HyroTrade, stands out from the crowd. While most brokers, prop trading firms, and crypto platforms profit from the failures of traders, HyroTrader has adopted a different approach. They prioritize assisting crypto traders in gaining access to real capital and professional guidance from experienced mentors and traders. HyroTrader collaborates with the popular trading platform ByBit to provide optimal trading conditions for traders.

    Why Choose HyroTrader as Your Crypto Prop Trading Firm?

    • Trade with Significant Capital: Gain access to funding ranging from $100,000 to $1 million based on your performance.
    • Real Capital Trading Opportunity: After achieving your first 3-5 payouts on a demo account, you’ll have the opportunity to trade with real capital on the ByBit platform.
    • Up to 90% Profit Share: Enjoy a rewarding profit-sharing model where you can keep up to 90% of your trading profits.
    • Diverse Trading Options: Engage in various trading activities including USDT Futures, USDC Contracts, Spot trading, and Options on the renowned ByBit platform.
    • Flexible and Supportive Environment: Benefit from transparent performance benchmarks and continuous support from experienced mentors.

    Become the Next Crypto Prop Trading Star

    HyroTrader offers an FTMO-inspired two-step evaluation process tailored specifically for crypto traders. Showcase your expertise by:

    • Completing a Trading Challenge: Achieve a 15% profit target on a demo account to demonstrate your trading skills.
    • Demonstrating Verified Performance: Earn up to 90% of profits while trading on a funded ByBit sub-account, showcasing your consistent performance.

    Join the HyroTrader Community

    Over the past year, HyroTrader has successfully funded nearly 50 talented traders. Are you ready to be the next success story?

    Apply Today

    Don’t miss this opportunity to trade with substantial capital and unlock your full potential as a crypto trader!

    About HyroTrader

    HyroTrader is a crypto proprietary trading firm, offering traders the opportunity to trade with up to $100,000 in initial capital. With a focus on empowering traders, HyroTrader allows them to retain up to 90% of their profits while covering all losses. The firm supports its traders through challenges and mentorship, providing a platform for growth and success in the dynamic crypto market.

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