Monday, July 15, 2024

    Blueprint launches next-generation digital asset management platform, kick-started by the industry’s first zero-fee staking solution

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    Today, Blueprint unveils its strategy to transform the fragmented digital asset portfolio management landscape. Identifying a notable market gap, Blueprint sees a demand for an all-in-one intuitive platform that combines consolidated data, insights, and tooling to provide investors, builders, and service providers with the resources they need to view, manage, and optimize their portfolios.

    Blueprint, a Hivemind ecosystem company, begins its vision with its first live offering: an industry-first free staking service. By adopting a user-friendly approach, Blueprint simplifies the complex staking process, offering versatile support for staked assets and allowing users to stake on proprietary nodes for zero cost. Users will also benefit from step-by-step guides on asset staking and a streamlined process to monitor earnings. Blueprint’s staking offering is live and currently supporting 10 blockchain networks.

    Jake Greenstein, CEO of Blueprint, shared, “Staking helps enhance yields and is the foundation for productive portfolios, yet its complexity can be daunting, and costs can be high. Recognizing this, our immediate focus and first live service is devoted to simplifying staking. We’re proud to introduce an industry-first: a zero-fee staking service to offer a seamless experience for our users while eliminating staking costs.”

    Staking is just the initial phase of Blueprint’s broader vision. Blueprint is actively developing a comprehensive platform addressing all facets of digital asset management. The platform will incorporate all common blockchain L1s, handling both fungible and non-fungible assets, and will gather information from custody platforms, exchanges, on-chain applications, individual wallets, and even allow users to rewind time to view historical snapshots. By providing a unified space where users can review their positions, delve into portfolio cross-sections, and probe underlying holdings in detail, Blueprint will reduce the complexities and complications associated with managing a diverse crypto stack.

    Beyond offering insight into portfolio holdings, Blueprint’s platform will feature risk analysis and real-time alerting and monitoring functionality. Customized reporting and transaction reconciliation will also be available to help streamline operational processes and provide maximum transparency to users. In the future, Blueprint also plans to integrate features like automatic threat detection and AI-generated insights and recommendations.

    Greenstein added, “The launch of Blueprint marks a transformative phase in digital asset management, with our industry-first staking solution just being the beginning. We’ll be presenting users with an unmatched, integrated platform tailored to simplify and elevate their digital asset endeavors. As the crypto landscape evolves, Blueprint will continuously innovate, ensuring our users always stay ahead of the curve.”

    About Blueprint:

    Blueprint’s mission is to provide an integrated, institutional-grade digital asset management platform. Merging cutting-edge technology with an intuitive interface, Blueprint aims to provide detailed portfolio insights, accessible staking solutions, and a suite of tools that streamline digital asset management and maximize returns for its users. Blueprint launches with an industry-first free staking solution, with a broader suite of features and tools currently in active development.

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