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    A-Ads Plans to Drop Bitcoin in Favor of Cheaper Altcoins

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    The issues affecting Bitcoin have been documented multiple times in recent months. Slow transactions and high fees make it an unusable way of transferring money. As these issues linger, the situation sends shockwaves throughout the Bitcoin industry. Advertising platform, A-Ads plans to drop Bitcoin support in the near future. Instead, they will integrate withdrawal support through various unspecified altcoins.

    In this day and age, using Bitcoin for payments is anything but convenient. There is nothing about the whole experience which is even remotely appealing. Add in the high fees and confirmation delays, and it is evident something needs to change. Until that happens, more and more platforms will drop Bitcoin support altogether. If even advertising solutions want to ditch the world’s leading cryptocurrency, it’s evident things are not looking great by any means.

    A-Ads Prepares to Ditch Bitcoin due to Growing Issues

    More specifically, A-Ads has announced their plans to integrate altcoin support. Right now, the advertising platform works with Bitcoin only. However, due to mounting fees, the withdrawals are becoming pretty expensive. Users need to pay a lot of money to get their earnings out. It is an unacceptable situation which needs to be resolved. Unfortunately, A-Ads will be forced to pivot toward altcoin withdrawals in this regard.

    We're working 24×7 to bring altcoins withdrawal support. Bitcoin advertising on the Internet is becoming less and less convenient for publishers and we're determined to fix this issue ASAP. #UPD

    — A-ADS (@aads_network) January 7, 2018

    Which currencies they aim to support, remains undetermined at this point. There are quite a few options at the company’s disposal right now. Bitcoin Cash is definitely an option, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. Bitcoin itself simply isn’t suited for these smaller payouts right now. A lot of withdrawals from A-Ads remain pending due to network delays as well. Something will need to change sooner rather than later. It will not necessarily be on Bitcoin’s end, by the look of things.

    Other services may follow the example set by A-Ads. Although a lot of companies remain loyal to Bitcoin, the issues can no longer be ignored. How all of this will play out in the long run, has yet to be determined at this point in time. Adding altcoin support will free up a lot of resources and keep A-Ads users happy. At the same time, issues like these should have never existed in the first place. A very uneasy situation that only grows worse as more time progresses.

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