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    SquidGrow: Building During the Bear

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    SquidGrow, the meme-utility token co-founded by the elusive crypto whale Shibtoshi, continues to innovate with new ways to energize the community. These include developing a custom bridge and privacy cross chain aggregator, liquidity locker, NFT marketplace, decentralized perpetual exchange, as well as offering an opportunity for anyone to win a whole full Bitcoin as part of “SquidGrow: The Challenge”. The team is also planning to join an upcoming X Space on the BTCTN channel to share more about these developments with the community.

    SquidGrow: The Challenge is LIVE

    On November 22, SquidGrow CEO Shibtoshi has announced on X he will be giving away 1 BTC (worth over $40k right now) to the overall winner of “SquidGrow: The Challenge”. There is also a chance to win a bonus prize of 1 ETH, given to the person who refers the winner of the Bitcoin to the challenge.

    A snapshot has been taken at the start of the event of all SquidGrow holders and wallets. Every one billion tokens bought on the DEX’s counts as a ticket into a draw to win the Bitcoin when the draw is made after “SquidGrow: The Challenge” closes. At the end of the competition, a final snapshot of all the wallets and new holder wallets will be taken. The new tokens of each wallet balance are the number of tickets a player enters with. The winner of the competition will be selected randomly from all the tickets at the conclusion of the event.

    The “SquidGrow: The Challenge” is still ongoing and will end only on December 25, 2023. Follow the progression of the challenge on Telegram and get the full details on how to join on Medium.

    Upcoming Utility

    In addition to such exciting events, SquidGrow continues to innovate on the technology development side as well. This is the reason the project already has 11 code audits from the highly respected blockchain code analyzing agency Certik. For example, the ninth audit was given for a new Custom Bridge. This important piece of technological infrastructure will bridge seamlessly between SquidGrow-ETH and SquidGrow-BSC, for the great convenience of users.

    The SquidGrow team will also launch their own Privacy Cross Chain Aggregator soon. This is critical infrastructure for enhancing the efficiency of cross-chain transactions as it integrates various cross-chain bridge services into a single interface, allowing users to find the best rates and lowest slippage. As more people will want to join the crypto bull market this tool can attract them to SquidGrow as it will empower them to do so while greatly protecting their privacy.

    Another exciting development from SquidGrow is the unveiling of the ‘Inkubate’ ecosystem – a fully functional NFT marketplace and launchpad. With this platform the project is planning a significant push into the NFT space. The SquidGrow team now also includes the acclaimed comic artist Mike S. Miller, most known outside the NFT space for his work at Marvel, DC, and Game of Thrones. The team aims to collaborate with top influencers, partners, and creators in this sector to deepen its impact when NFTs make a resurgence. This could provide new utility for SquidGrow holders through NFT staking and the chance to mint blue-chip NFTs by Mike S. Miller.

    SquidGrow also announced it developed its very own liquidity locker, called Knox Locker ( This feature is a standalone locker that projects will be able to use and will offer a competitive advantage over other lockers with cheaper rates. Knox Locker is an elite secure and competitive LP locker that is designed for blue-chip and defi projects alike.

    Finally, one of the most exciting developments is SquidGrow’s flagship utility tool – SGX – a Decentralized Perpetual Exchange. This is a platform that aims to make trading Futures at the DeFi level both feature rich and highly secure, by providing abundant liquidity for future investors. Many more details about these developments are expected to be announced, so make sure to stay tuned and follow SquidGrow on social media to learn more when the news breaks.

    About SquidGrow

    SquidGrow is a meme-utility token launched in June of 2022 that is the brainchild of the mysterious whale, Shibtoshi. It has several utilities and areas of focus which it will engage in tactfully and securely. Shibtoshi has been a cryptocurrency supporter since the early days of Bitcoin around 2011 and he is most famous for his holdings in SHIB reaching an estimated USD 5.7 billion during the all-time high of Shiba Inu (Oct 2021). Despite already making this fortune, Shibtoshi plays an active role in the SquidGrow project by leading and financing it, as he is passionate about leaving his imprint on the space and creating something that will stand the test of time.

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