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    Wormhole Foundation, Borderless Capital and Outlier Ventures Launch The Wormhole Base Camp Accelerator Program

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    Today, Wormhole Foundation, the steward of the leading interoperability platform empowering development and growth across blockchains, and Outlier Ventures, the leading global Web3 accelerator, announced the launch of the Wormhole Base Camp accelerator program. The program will begin in January 2024 and last for 12 weeks, with teams receiving an investment of $200,000 USD through the Cross-Chain Ecosystem Fund being managed and operated by Borderless Capital, a leading venture capital firm in the Web3 space. With Outlier Ventures’ commitment to supporting the best founders from around the world, participants will take part virtually throughout the duration of the program.

    Wormhole Base Camp will bring together a group of Web3 startups focused on unlocking the full potential of the Wormhole platform to assist developers in leveraging Wormhole’s interoperability solutions.

    Throughout the duration of the program, Outlier Ventures and Wormhole contributors will provide bespoke support tailored to each startup’s needs, supporting teams across segments including Cross-chain Liquidity, Cross-chain Infrastructure, Data and Payments, and Cross-chain Decentralized Identity (DID).

    “The Wormhole Base Camp will forge a path for the next generation of Web3 pioneers. Through our partnership with Outlier Ventures and Borderless Capital, we are creating a launchpad for early-stage founders to explore the limitless potential of Wormhole’s cross-chain messaging network,” said Robinson Burkey, EVP & Head of Strategy at Wormhole Foundation. “This accelerator program is not just about fostering startups; it’s about catalyzing a revolution in Web3 applications, products, and protocols. We invite visionary entrepreneurs to join us in shaping the future of blockchain interoperability.”

    “We believe that the future of Web3 is moving towards secure interoperability for users, developers, founders and assets. We are excited to partner with Outlier Ventures and the Wormhole Foundation and are eager to see the innovative protocols, applications and products that this new generation of cross-chain founders will build.” said Alpen Sheth, Senior Partner at Borderless Capital.

    The teams will also receive support from Outlier Ventures and Wormhole’s experts on their product roadmap, community building, entity structuring, and more. The teams will also have direct access and support from a network of leading mentors from within the Web3 industry, as well as investors, to help support their future fundraising focus. At the end of the program the founders will take part in a virtual Demo Day to gain greater visibility among the broader Web3 investor community.

    “We are thrilled to partner with Wormhole Foundation and Borderless Capital on the Wormhole Base Camp accelerator program to help founders who are looking to build cross-chain applications leveraging Wormhole protocol’s cross-chain interoperability solutions,” said Benjamin Meyer, Chief Product Officer at Outlier Ventures. “We look forward to collaborating together and supporting the chosen teams to help them on their journey through our extensive knowledge and network within the industry.”

    Applications for the Wormhole Base Camp program open today and will close December, 2023. The 12-week program will commence in January, 2024.

    For more information, please visit:

    About Wormhole Foundation

    The Wormhole Foundation is the steward of Wormhole – the world’s first generalized messaging protocol. Our mission is to empower passionate people in the research and development of blockchain interoperability technologies. Through grants, research, and ecosystem programs, we seek to enable teams to build secure, open-source, and decentralized products within the Wormhole ecosystem. If you’re interested in helping achieve our mission, follow us on Twitter or contact us at [email protected].

    About Borderless Capital

    Borderless is a leading investment management firm focused on Web3 technology, dedicated to supporting the next generation of innovators who are driving the development of groundbreaking technologies that will enable the creation of value without borders. Borderless comprises a team of builders, partners, and investors who adopt a long-term perspective and strive to unleash the full potential of open, community-driven networks. Since 2018, Borderless has made 200+ investments across infrastructure, business applications, and nascent cryptographic protocols, and has played an integral role in the development of some of the most significant and innovative Web3 communities.

    For more information, please visit their website at

    About Outlier Ventures

    Founded in 2014 by Jamie Burke, Outlier Ventures is the global leading Web3 accelerator, with a renowned reputation as the go-to authority for Web3 founders, investors and partners.

    With a portfolio of 278 startups from every region of the world across its Base Camp and Ascent programs, Outlier Ventures has helped raise over $350m in seed funding across its various accelerator programs. Outlier Ventures portfolio includes leading Web3 companies including Agoric, Biconomy, Boson Protocol, Brave, Cheqd, Cudos, DIA Data,, Futureverse, Ocean Protocol, and Secret Network.

    Outlier Ventures partners with global industry protocol leaders, including Aptos, Filecoin/IPFS, NEAR, Polkadot and Polygon, along with leading global brands such as online luxury fashion retail platform FARFETCH and Walmart’s incubation arm Store Nº8, to design bespoke programs by its team of experts that help refine business strategy, product-market fit, community growth, token design and governance as well as investor and mentor networks.

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