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    Spield Trading Generates Over $1.8 Billion Net Profit for Partners in 2023, Sharing the Right Values in the Crypto Industry

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    Spield Trading, a leading quantitative trading firm based in Toronto with over 15 years of experience, has established unique business standards in the crypto industry, generating over $1.8 billion in net profits for its clients during the bear market of 2023. Currently serving 33 projects on Binance, Spield Trading has expanded its cooperation to major exchanges in countries like South Korea and Japan. Since entering the crypto space in 2018, Spield Trading has relied solely on word-of-mouth and recommendations to acquire new clients, thanks to its flexible, customized strategies and solid professional expertise. More importantly, it adheres strictly to ethical standards. The following outlines Spield Trading’s business approach, its understanding of the right values, and its analysis of problems in the entire crypto trading industry:

    Transparency and Integrity: Spield Trading maintains principles of transparency and integrity, managing client assets without using proprietary accounts and providing professional trade strategy consultations and technical support. It ensures all operations are openly transparent, basing its cooperation model on integrity to eliminate any potential ethical risks.

    Collaboration over Zero-Sum Competition: Advocating for a win-win collaboration, Spield Trading believes that success is achieved through close cooperation with partners. This contrasts with most market trading institutions, which often sacrifice project interests for short-term gains, creating adversarial relationships and harming the industry’s long-term health. Such competitive and short-sighted behaviors limit the industry’s growth potential. For instance, the prevalent “liquidity provision model” harms projects significantly. In an industry lacking ethical standards, trading institutions easily become opponents of the projects they should serve. Therefore, Spield Trading promotes a traditional asset management profit-sharing model to align the interests of trading teams and clients for mutual success.

    Long-Term Stability and Sustainable Development: Spield Trading practices its commitment to long-term stability and continuous development for its numerous clients in mainstream market exchanges, contrasting with the short-termism of some well-known trading institutions that could destabilize the industry and hinder sustainable growth.

    Client Interest First: Prioritizing client interests is a core value of Spield Trading. It demonstrates its commitment and responsibility to clients by providing customized services and emphasizing the protection of client privacy. In contrast, other trading institutions’ self-serving behaviors overlook the importance of creating real long-term value for clients.

    Customized Services: Catering to different client needs, Spield Trading always focuses on achieving client goals with cusomized strategy recommendations, trading support, and resource allocation. Most trading institutions use a one-size-fits-all approach, failing to provide targeted support and services for project development, leading many promising projects to premature bankruptcy.

    Privacy Protection: Spield Trading values client privacy and does not use client performance for brand promotion, relying mainly on referrals for new clients. There have been instances where other trading teams endorsed their brands using the names of clients serviced by Spield Trading. Such practices harm the industry, shifting the focus from service and capability to marketing prowess, leading to a misalignment of priorities and hindering long-term development for clients and their investors.

    Spield Trading will continue to uphold its values and build long-term partnerships, becoming a shared-interest community with its clients. It firmly believes that adhering to these values will positively impact the industry, contributing to its long-term healthy development, and setting a benchmark for ethical standards in the crypto industry.

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