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    Navigate the bear market with CropBytes: A game beyond bull run hypes

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    CropBytes, a virtual farming and business strategy game launched in 2018, is revolutionizing the Web3 gaming industry with its unique approach to game economics. Players have the opportunity to live the life of a virtual farmer and build their empire. CropBytes goes beyond being just a game — it incorporates real-world economic principles, requiring players to manage resources and make strategic decisions to become successful farming tycoons. At the heart of CropBytes’ economy is the CBX token.

    CropBytes has been on Google Play, App Store and WebGl right from the start.

    The numbers speak for themselves:

    • Over 700,000 downloads
    • An asset market cap exceeding $26 million
    • More than $20 million in average monthly in-game trade volume
    • Over 5,000% asset value growth in five years

    The most innovative game economy

    CropBytes gameplay is crafted to establish a robust economy. Unlike many Web3 games that suffer from liquidity crises and asset inflation, CropBytes has foreseen and tackled these challenges head-on right from the game’s inception. With a firm focus on the game’s long-term sustainability, CropBytes has successfully navigated through global bear markets, ensuring a thriving economy that goes beyond the hype of bull runs.

    CropBytes is different from other Web3 games by having a continuous economy. That means there aren’t seasons or sprints, like in games such as Town Star or other popular simulation-genre Web3 games, rather it’s one evolving economy that is meant to grow stronger with time. Building an economy takes time and effort, just like building a prosperous nation. The game acknowledges the importance of patience and strategic planning, offering real value for those willing to invest their time into building their farming business and in turn, growing the economy.

    CropBytes solved the biggest issue with Web3 games: Hyperinflation

    In the majority of Web3 games, it’s quite a common occurrence that a surge of new players can result in an increased supply of in-game tokens through mining. However, as the initial excitement fades away, the demand for these tokens decreases, leading to a potential loss in their value and the game economy collapsing.

    Although CropBytes has the solution to defeat hyperinflation from day one through a deflationary mining protocol that countered hype cycles, the team was able to further strengthen the process through a new, unique feature — CBX Refining, which adds the element of time into the CBX mining process. At the core of CropBytes’ main game cycle is CBX Mining, connecting every in-game task to the mining process. This emulates the concept of mining difficulty just like in the real world (e.g., mining gold), but to further strengthen this system, the team introduced the concept of time, wherein as more and more supply comes in, it gets harder to mine and takes more time to mine.

    This may sound like the players have it tough with this new feature, but it’s best to hear directly from them. In simple terms, if token supply gets harder to generate with time, it retains its value by countering inflation.

    CropBytes paving the way for more sustainable Web3 games

    Economics is an iterative process, constantly evolving and adapting to new circumstances. CropBytes is contributing to a template based on experience for game developers to build a sustainable game economy known as Tegronomics. It refers to the application of economic principles within game environments to ensure sustainability.

    Raising Capital and gaining prominent industry support

    CropBytes secured an impressive $2.67 million in its pre seed funding in Nov 2021. The project is backed by some of the most prominent figures in the crypto industry, including Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon, and Siddharth Menon, the founder of Tegro and WazirX. Additionally, esteemed venture capital firms such as Draper Dragon, Exnetwork Capital, and Master Ventures have also provided their backing to CropBytes.

    Boundless economic potential

    As the CropBytes economy continues to flourish, there is a lot of untapped potential for creating new industries within the game. From individual farms to entire townships, devs have the opportunity to build intricate and diverse economic systems that mirror the complexities of the real world, thus furthering the value of assets owned by players.

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