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    Jan-navi Selected as the First Japanese Project for Helika Accelerate

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    Expanding the Global Mahjong Community and Promoting e-Sports Adoption through Web3 Technology and Investment from the Helika Accelerate Program

    Jan-navi Mahjong Online, a mahjong game with over 19 years of operational history, has been selected as the first Japanese project for the $50 million Web3 game acceleration program, Helika Accelerate. This selection marks a significant step for Jan-navi in expanding the global mahjong community using Web3 technology and promoting mahjong as a global e-sport. Helika’s support will accelerate Jan-navi’s expansion into overseas markets.

    About Helika Accelerate

    Helika provides a one-stop solution with analysis tools for both Web3 and traditional games. In partnership with leading VCs such as Pantera, Spartan Capital, and Sfermion, Helika has launched “Helika Accelerate.” $50 million has been committed to the Helika Accelerate initiative. Participating companies receive support and can leverage Helika’s expertise in tokenomics, chain selection, data analysis, marketing, and AI game management. They can also use on-chain data, in-game behavior history, and ad tracking data to build game design and engagement strategies.

    Expanding the Global Mahjong Community and Promoting e-Sports

    With Helika’s support, Jan-navi aims to expand into global markets using Web3 technology. In February 2024, Jan-navi introduced the JN Token (White paper), a sponsorship token to promote mahjong as a global e-sport. This allows the estimated 700 million mahjong players worldwide to connect through Jan-navi, making mahjong a tool for communication. The JN Token decentralizes e-sports sponsorship, lowering the barriers to entry for tournaments and contributing to the spread of e-sports. Additionally, with the funds raised through the Helika Accelerate Program, Jan-navi aims to further expand globally and reach players around the world.

    Furthermore, the JN Token will be launched on Arbitrum Orbit alongside the MV Chain of Genso kishi Online, announced on May 31. Arbitrum Orbit adopts an architecture that connects multiple chains and ecosystems, providing low-cost transactions and a seamless user experience. This enables JN Token users to conduct transactions efficiently and economically, further promoting the integration of real mahjong parlors with online and offline gameplay.

    Utilizing Helika’s Data Analysis Power

    Jan-navi aims to transform vast amounts of game data into valuable insights using Helika’s advanced data analysis tools. This will enable detailed analysis of user behavior patterns and the development of strategies to enhance player experience. Particularly, implementing personalized marketing campaigns based on player preferences and behavior is expected to significantly boost user engagement. Jan-navi is jointly operated by its developer Winlight Co., Ltd. and Metastar Hong Kong. Moving forward, both companies will continue to collaborate on adapting Jan-navi to Web3 and expanding its global reach.

    Executive Insights

    Anton Umnov, Founder and CEO of Helika, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are excited to collaborate with JanNavi as Japan’s first acceleration program. This opportunity marks a significant milestone for Helika as journey into the Japanese market. Our team is committed to making a positive impact and contributing to the growth of the tech ecosystem here. We look forward to a fruitful journey and to building long-term relationships in Japan.”

    Jin Matsumoto, CEO of Metastar Hong Kong, stated, “Our partnership with Helika will expand Jan-navi’s future globally through Web3 technology. This partnership will evolve mahjong from just a game to a communication tool by utilizing our vast data with Helika’s analysis tools. Additionally, through the JN Token, we will decentralize e-sports sponsorship and promote mahjong as an e-sport.”

    Users should stay tuned for further developments.

    About Jan-navi

    Jan-navi is a comprehensive game platform centered around mahjong and has been operating as an online mahjong game since 2004. With over 5.7 million registered users and tens of thousands of daily players, Jan-navi has evolved mahjong from just a game into a communication tool, garnering support from a wide range of players.

    About Metastar Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

    Based in Hong Kong, a hub for global Web3 companies like Animoca Brands, Metastar Hong Kong Co., Ltd. aims to spread mahjong e-sports worldwide using JN Token and Web3 technology. As a leader in integrating technology and community, Metastar provides new value to the global gaming market.

    About Winlight Co., Ltd.

    Established in July 2003, Winlight is a game company with 19 years of experience. Specializing in network technology, Winlight develops games for a wide range of devices, including home consoles, smartphones, and PCs, and also publishes its own branded games globally.

    About Helika

    Helika is an industry-leading data analytics, marketing, and game management platform focused on solving three main challenges for studios: driving profitable user acquisition growth, deriving impactful insights from disparate web2 and web3 data sources, and optimizing game experiences to improve player engagement, retention, and monetization. Many top AAA studios, including Yuga Labs, Wildcard Alliance, WAGMI, Treasure, Proof of Play, Pixelcraft Studios, Life Beyond (Animoca Brands), BoomLand, Bazooka Tango, Azra Games, and many more rely on Helika to support their core analytics and infrastructure needs. Existing investors include Big Brain Holdings, Sparkle Ventures, Sfermion, Diagram Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, StreamingFast and angels such as Marc Alloul.

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