Tuesday, January 31, 2023

    Pixie Revolutionizing Social Network with the Launch of New App Version

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    As the world’s first fully functional blockchain-based photo and video sharing social network, Pixie attracted big attention when it first launched and has steadily accumulated more than 200,000 users ever since.

    The birth of Pixie is revolutionary because it utilizes blockchain to achieve what traditional social networks cannot offer, namely 1) giving users the ownership of their data; 2) creating a “creator crypto-economy” model that incentives users to continually sustains the ecosystem.

    Most recently, Pixie launched the version 2.0 application (Now available on Appstore and Googleplay) and pushed this project to another level. With more than 20K daily active users and 7 million posts on the platform, Pixie has become one of the biggest social networks in Web3 era and the benchmark of SocialFi project.

    So, no wonder, curiosity has been aroused: how is Pixie 2.0 different from the original version and what are the added new features? Let’s take a look.

    Pixie Version 2.0

    With the launch of the latest Pixie2.0, the Pixie app has introduced a series of new functions to better our user experience while creating a closer connection between the Web2 and Web3 worlds. This new version is designed to be even more aligned with the core concept of Web3. Pixie2.0 will also introduce a series of NFT Cameras and a User Credit system to provide users with an even better socializing experience. Such changes will allow users to be more actively engaged in interacting with other users and benefit from their participation.


    NFT is the most exciting element in this update. The use of NFT is spread across several features and functions. Through NFT technology, users in Pixie will obtain all rights to their digital content such as ownership, control rights, transaction rights, and revenue sharing rights, etc. Moreover, users will soon be able to display their Ethereum NFT asset in Pixie and share their NFT with other users while earning PIX rewards accordingly. Pixie believes that its current social eco-system and user social behaviours will make up for the shortcomings of the current NFT marketplace. Such as the lack of ability to share and better display NFTs in the current marketplaces (e.g. Opensea).

    The login method has also been slightly modified since this update. Users can log in with the traditional Web2 method like email or to log in with their crypto wallet. Users can easily create NFTs through Pixie Chain or import their NFTs from Ethereum or Polygon.

    When users connect their web3 address in Pixie, all their NFTs asset will be displayed and they can post these NFTs with a click of a button. Pixie makes NFT avatar more credible. When users set their NFT as avatar, others can verify this NFT avatar directly through the NFT certificate and blockchain explorer with a click.

    NFT Genesis Cameras

    In addition to the ability to import NFTs to the Pixie app, Pixie has also created their own NFT Cameras (Genesis Camera Series) as the bedrock of a future DAO mechanism and SocialFi experience.

    Various NFT Cameras following ERC721 standards were minted, and they are crucial for users to earn PIX in the Pixie platform. NFT cameras include “NFT Entry Camera” and “NFT Genesis Cameras”. The quantity of NFT Genesis Cameras is limited.

    Users need at least an Entry Camera to conduct social activities to earn the Basic PIX Reward (BPR). Users also can purchase Genesis Cameras to earn more PIX rewards. In addition, NFT Genesis Cameras bring more vote powers for users to build an excellent Web3 social network platform under the DAO mechanism. All the NFT cameras can be purchased in Pixie and listed and sold in the NFT market in Pixie App. Each Entry Camera and Genesis Cameras include four parameters of Weight, Energy Cap, Speed and Vote, corresponding to different entitlements.

    Credit System

    The introduction of the new credit system is aimed to improve the regulation and governance of Pixie community. Once implemented, the system can evaluate a user’s social behaviours and their contribution to the community in a more comprehensive manner. Moreover, the PIX rewards a user can receive will be determined by the combination of the Genesis Camera (or Early Bird Badge), its attributes (Weight, Energy Cap, DAO Votes), and a user’s credit rating.

    Pixie encourages users to create original, high-quality content for higher rewards. These factors will also be incorporated into the Credit System, which means the quality and originality of a user’s posted content will affect their Credit rating.

    The upgrade and expansion of features on Pixie are never ending. The launch of Version 2.0 is only the beginning of this project’s growth. Pixie has formally announced the listing time on top CEX a few days ago. In the next a few months, the amount of users on Pixie are expected to grow exponentially and the quality of the app, naturally, will only increase.

    For more information:
    Website: Pixie.xyz
    Telegram: https://t.me/Pixiegroup
    Discord: https://discord.gg/9SpxDWAbkF

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