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    Cryptolocator Altcoin Trading Marketplace – Announces Platform Launch

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    An international marketplace for Ethereum trading, Cryptolocator.com will launch in the middle of October 2017.

    Cryptolocator platform unites trading partners and facilitates transactions with popular cryptocurrencies, prioritizing ETH. Users get access to a set of traditional marketplace features and deal mechanisms, new trading pairs, and extra service improvements. The developers are already researching the possibility of smart-contract implementation.

    The team harbors qualified specialists experienced in fintech, the blockchain, and smart-contracts. The technical implementation of the project is handled by a group of developers from Russia. A legal entity is registered in a jurisdiction with clear policies regarding the cryptocurrency market.

    Cryptolocator development and launch is entirely funded by venture capital. Such a “traditional” approach indicates investors’ trust in the project and highlights the founders’ confidence in their own product.

    An assortment of fiat money exchange methods is inherent to the platform. Cryptolocator allows users to pick the most convenient payment methods and their price correlation, whether a bank transfer, electronic money or cash.

    Early-bird Bonus

    First users of Cryptolocator will be able to trade with significantly lower fees within 6 months after the project is launched. For the active user, there will be a bounty program on bictointalk.org.


    Thanks to the p2p approach, market participants are entitled to set the transaction terms themselves. Fairplay is ensured by:

    • guarantor-service — the system holds funds throughout the operation,
    • round-the-clock support by a qualified team of financial, legal and technical specialists,
    • user reputation system.

    User data is protected and encrypted. Access security is provided by two-factor authentication. DDoS-protection is provided by the industry leader specialized in fintech projects. Code audit was performed by an independent expert group.


    The platform will be developed and upgraded in several stages, including launching mobile applications, connecting new cryptocurrencies, launching the marketplace of things, additional merchant functions, and more.

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