Wednesday, August 10, 2022

    Former UBER Director Joins Crypto Ridesharing Leader DRIFE (DRF) Ahead Of November Pilot Launch

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    DRIFE, the world’s first decentralised blockchain-based ride-hailing platform announced today that it former Uber director Daniel Mangabeira Dantas has joined Drife as a Strategic Investor and Policy Advisor. As a former political advisor to the UK Ambassador to Brazil as well as one of the architects of the ridesharing regulatory debates in Brazil and Latin America, Mangabeira has over 20 years of experience in regulatory, policy, government and institutional relations and most recently served as Uber’s Head of Policy for Latin America.

    When coming across DRIFE’s business model and technology, Daniel promptly stepped forward and engaged in conversations on how to both invest and contribute to the growth of the project. With great experience in the tech-intensive mobility industry and enormous experience scaling up high-growth companies, Daniel quickly spotted the unique opportunity DRIFE presented. His engagement with DRIFE will also bring strategic contributions on both the regulatory and compliance fronts and will enable the Drife to scale more effectively, thus consolidating a global footprint.

    Daniel Mangabeira states “I have for a while now been an enthusiast of blockchain-based technologies as an enabler of decentralized projects”, commented Daniel. “But more than that, I have long been an enthusiast of projects that directly impact the lives of people. That largely explains why, when I first came across the DRIFE project and DRIFE’s whitepaper, I immediately wanted in. I truly believe that DRIFE’s business model, supported by token-based blockchain-intensive governance protocols, can come to strengthen ridesharing businesses as we know it today. It is the sort of innovation that, beyond conflicting, has what it takes to add great value to the ride-hailing ecosystem at large.”

    What value can DRIFE’s decentralised model add to urban mobility?

    In the Ridesharing space, DRIFE takes inspiration from more consolidated ridesharing models – but makes use of distinct blockchain-based technology and innovative crypto-intensive economics. DRIFE also introduces a new, decentralized language to the ride-hailing environment: the platform’s flexible peer-to-peer marketplace allows for significantly increased customization. DRIFE’s unique decentralized, NFT-based franchise model will seek to enable riders, drivers, fleet owners, and local transportation companies to govern themselves more efficiently, thus making use of innovative and powerful technology to run a fair and cost-effective business model.

    CEO and founder Firdosh Sheikh comments, “We are proud to partner with Daniel and are happy to have him sharing some of his incredible tech-related skills and experience. We, at DRIFE, always seek to tag along with like-minded individuals who back our values and beliefs, and of course that can also help us stay on the cusp of innovative thinking. We believe that this partnership will help us to progress on our path to a completely fair, green, and sustainable global mobility infrastructure.”

    What’s Next for Drife? : DRIFE’s Pilot Launch in Bangalore, India in November:

    DRIFE is set to perform its pilot launch in Bangalore, India in the second week of November 2021. At the Bangalore pilot, DRIFE will initially have over 1,000 registered drivers and 20,000 already onboarded riders ready to go and is aiming at expansion targets of 10,000 active drivers by Q1 2022. It is also in the advanced stages of gaining operational approval in Brazil, France and Dubai, with plans for EU, US and Asian market expansion to follow.

    DRIFE is the only ride-hailing platform that is entirely built using blockchain technology thus tokenizing every step of the ride experience. By allowing riders to openly connect with drivers through the decentralised platform, DRIFE’s platform brings to both drivers and passengers a more competitive model. It enables drivers to take home 100% of fares and allow riders to pay using cryptocurrency.

    About DRIFE

    DRIFE is a decentralized ride-hailing platform powered by blockchain with the intent of empowering drivers, riders, and community developers. DRIFE plans to disrupt the existing business model and remove the corporate intermediaries involved in the transactions.

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