Wednesday, August 10, 2022

    CoinsMarkets Upgrades Platform, Adds New Charting Tools

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    New technologies are constantly improving the online financial services sphere, providing the necessary tools to properly analyze the markets and improve decision-making processes. With competition over clientele becoming more and more intense, one name stands out, thanks to its ability to innovate time and again. That is online brokerage brand ConisMarkets, which has recently announced an upgrade to its web based platform.

    According to the company’s spokesperson, Dennis Kamerow, CoinsMarkets has added vital charts, graphs and calculators, in order to make the experience smoother and more user-friendly. “We spend a lot of time talking to our customers,” explained Kamerow, “trying to understand how we can better the services we provide. In today’s market environment, quick decision-making is often the key to success, and we know that these tools can assist by presenting a clear and accurate picture of the current situation at any time.”

    Keeping it simple

    Among the new charting tools available now with CoinsMarkets, platform users can find calculators designated for digital tokens. These charts simplify the analysis of changes in value, negating any unnecessary information regarding speculations. This is of great importance when dealing with digital coins, which have been displaying enhanced volatility recently.

    “There’s no need to explain the importance of viable and accurate information, when it comes to building a financial strategy for this market,” added Kamerow. “We want our clients to be as prepared as they can for any occurrence in this market. The graphic tools are just one step in the ladder we provide, so that our customers can reach higher. They come with superior infrastructure, fast order execution and, of course, a team of certified analysts and account managers, always at the customer’s side.”

    About CoinsMarkets

    Based in Europe and serving digital asset enthusiasts around the world, CoinsMarkets is a relatively new brand which has already managed to stir up a buzz in the industry, thanks to the elite service it provides. When choosing to work with this brand, clients get access to a wide variety of digital tokens they can benefit from, as opportunities arise over time. Throughout the whole process, the brand’s team of skilled support representatives is standing ready to assist users with any issue or question that may come up, via multiple channels of communication such as email, telephone and direct messaging.

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