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    BEE4 Selects Connamara Technologies’ EP3 to Connect Emerging Firms with Forward-Thinking Investors

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    Connamara Technologies is pleased to announce that BEE4 has chosen the company as the technology provider for BEE4’s exchange platform that connects emerging businesses with investors. BEE4 is leveraging Connamara Technologies’ EP3™ exchange platform to create a scalable stock market in Brazil.

    BEE4 is Brazil’s first regulated tokenized stock market built for companies with annual revenues between R$10 million and R$300 million to trade shares within a secure, regulated environment. BEE4’s stock market platform combines its own blockchain technology with Connamara Technologies’ EP3 platform to offer capital and funding to new and emerging companies in Brazil.

    According to BEE4’s CEO, Patricia Stille, the firm is passionate about giving investors access to new markets and innovative companies. “We chose Connamara Technologies because EP3 fits our model very well. The system is complete and flexible to meet new parameters, inherent in a new market where everything grows at an accelerated pace and needs to be ready to adapt to future realities with agility and security. At BEE4 we have several technology initiatives, and the evolution of our systems requires a series of decisions over time. Among them, what makes sense to develop at home, what is core/strategic, and what solutions are offered by third parties and widely used by exchanges and organized markets around the world. To gain scale with robustness and explore BEE4’s innovative potential, partnership with leading providers, with robust and reliable solutions, is essential,” she said.

    When asked why they choose to work with Connamara Technologies to build their exchange, the team at BEE4 stated there aren’t many vendors out there like Connamara Technologies. In particular, the team mentioned they liked that EP3 is scalable, flexible, and global, enabling BEE4 to build an exchange that is authorized by CVM, Brazil’s regulatory organization. EP3 is also one of the few secure exchange platforms that can incorporate BEE4’s own blockchain technology.

    BEE4 joins an elite roster of companies that have worked with Connamara Technologies. Other firms that have chosen Connamara to build exchanges and matching engines include TeraExchange, American Financial Exchange (AFX), MaterialsXchange, and many other production and pre-production exchanges.

    Connamara CEO and co-founder Jim Downs said, “We are excited to work with BEE4 on designing and building this stock exchange to service the Brazilian market. It’s a thrill to unite the blockchain technology BEE4 created with the scalability of EP3. The team at BEE4 has an ambitious mission to provide financial resources to emerging firms and we are happy to provide the technology infrastructure to help them offer this important service.”

    About Connamara Technologies

    Connamara Technologies builds future-ready exchange platforms and order matching engines. It’s the company behind EP3, the advanced exchange platform and order matching engine incubated by Connamara Systems. Learn more:

    About BEE4

    BEE4 is the first secure, regulated stock market in Brazil listing companies with annual revenues between R$10 million and R$300 million. With the use of proprietary blockchain technology, BEE4 created a system that processes trades in a safe, transparent, and compliant manner. Learn more:

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