Friday, July 19, 2024

    Warp Protocol Launches on Neutron, Introducing Limitless Automation Capabilities to Neutron Developers

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    In an exciting continuation of its cross-chain expansion plans, Terraform Labs PTE Ltd. (“TFL”) announced Warp Protocol’s launch on Neutron today. A powerful automation application designed by TFL, Warp enables developers to create innovative DeFi features and experiences that expand their user base by leveraging resource-efficient, decentralized automation.

    “For developers, the appeal is straightforward,” says TFL’s Head of Apps Vlad Jidkov. “By allowing developers to integrate features that queue any transaction, or atomic list of transactions, to be executed in the future based on any available on-chain data, developers can create novel DeFi experiences that attract new users, reduce in-house automation and DevOps costs, and increase scalability.”

    Transactions within the Warp economy are called ‘jobs,’ and the circumstances under which they become executable are called ‘conditions’. When conditions are met, anyone running a Warp keeper bot can execute the job in exchange for that job’s reward (paid in the chain’s native token). Warp thus creates a decentralized marketplace for transaction execution, connecting job creators with job executors once conditions have been met.

    Neutron stands tall as a permissionless Cosmos smart contract platform secured by the Cosmos Hub, aiming to revolutionize interchain DeFi by facilitating the seamless deployment of smart contracts and providing tools to interoperate between protocols and appchains. With today’s launch, Warp is bringing its limitless on-chain automation capabilities to developers and users across the Neutron ecosystem. Developers can seamlessly integrate Warp functionality into their front or backend in just a few lines of code using Warp’s advanced SDK or experiment on the web app.

    Warp’s flexible design, including custom conditions, generic messages, and recurring jobs, has the potential to unlock a myriad of DeFi experiences for Neutron users. Conceivable use cases include dynamic NFTs, yield-generating limit orders that earn yield while resting, and automated liquidity management. Warp’s debut feature on Neutron will be Astroport limit orders. Compared to market orders that execute at current token prices, limit orders allow users to place buy or sell orders above or below current prices, providing better trade execution.

    “Warp allows developers to tap into a decentralized network of keeper bots and bring their ideas to life in the form of new platform features for users,” concluded Jidkov. “We designed Warp to capture the full potential of a developer’s imagination, so when it comes to the experiences Warp can enable, the sky’s the limit.”

    About Terraform Labs

    Established in 2018 and based in Singapore, Terraform Labs (TFL) is a leading software development company specializing in blockchain technology. Powered by a globally distributed workforce of experienced Web3 developers and crypto natives, TFL is one of the few companies to have developed an end-to-end Web3 experience, inclusive of a blockchain, wallet, block explorer, RPC solution, set of apps, and a suite of developer tools. Aiming to enable the next evolution of the Internet built on robust, decentralized economies, TFL serves as a core contributor to the Terra blockchain and is the creator of products and tools such as Alliance, Warp, and Enterprise.

    About Warp Protocol

    Warp is a decentralized automation protocol that enables developers to integrate cutting-edge new features into their platforms using decentralized, cost-efficient automation. Using Warp, developers (and their users) can schedule transactions for future execution, drawing from any available on-chain data. The transactions are called ‘jobs’, and the circumstances under which they become executable are called ‘conditions’. When conditions are met, a job can be executed by anyone running a Warp keeper bot in exchange for that job’s reward (paid in the chain’s native token). Limited only by the developer’s imagination, Warp’s flexible design (including custom conditions, recurring jobs, atomic-list jobs, and generic messages) unlocks numerous use cases, including dynamic NFTs, automated liquidity management, automated trading strategies, efficient stakeholder reward systems, streamlined fund migration, and much more.

    About Neutron

    Neutron is the most secure cross-chain smart-contracting platform. It combines the security of a top 10 blockchain by staked capitalization with bleeding-edge cross-chain infrastructure to enable DeFi applications to securely scale across a growing network of 51+ interconnected blockchains.

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