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    Understanding What Makes Revuto Tick

    If you’ve been following Revuto since the start, you’ll have a clear idea of what we’re all about: the problem we’re solving, the solution we’re pursuing, and how this will transform the subscription economy.

    Not everyone has the luxury of time served in the Revuto trenches however: some of you are new here, and this may be the first you’ve heard about us, while others may have dipped in and out over the last few weeks due to other commitments, and have to get up to speed. If so, this is the article for you: a recap of what Revuto is building, why it matters, and how you can get involved.

    What Is Revuto?

    Revuto is an intuitive and easily accessible active subscription management service. From a single dashboard, it enables you to manage all of your subscriptions for an array of products and services. Movies; music; grooming products; confectionery; apparel; you name it. Revuto’s mission is to save customers time, energy, and money by completely redefining the subscription management experience.

    Revuto as a Service

    Revuto vows to make the «Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?» line a thing of the past. We built Revuto because we recognize and empathize with the problem.

    With year-on-year growth of 100%, it’s evident that subscriptions are here to stay and are destined to become an integral part of everyone’s life. Revuto’s place in this growing economy is to filter signals from noise and to provide a clean and pleasant subscription management experience.

    We believe that no-one should ever be charged for subscriptions they no longer want or use, and it’s our primary goal to make that happen.


    The Problem That Revuto Solves

    Understanding human psychology, businesses leverage these biases in consumer behavior to increase their revenues by intentionally making unsubscribing difficult. As a result, users easily forget about ongoing subscription charges, find the unsubscribing process tricky to navigate, or fall victim to services that charge their cards indefinitely without notification.

    We believe there is a clear product-market fit for a service protecting consumers from the many unwanted consequences of subscriptions.

    How We Came to That Solution

    We want to create a subscription management solution with immediate real-world applications. Rather than catering to a niche audience of existing crypto users, we seek to bring crypto to the mainstream.

    Our goal is to maximize the value of ongoing subscriptions by simplifying the payments process and protecting customers from hidden fees and subscription charges for services they no longer use.

    Revuto’s main deliverable is a decentralized mobile application — a single-dashboard subscription management solution that helps users control their recurring subscription-related expenses.

    Everyone Should Use Revuto Because…

    With the Revuto app, you save money by ApprovingBlocking, or Snoozing subscription charges or any other recurring payments as they occur.

    Managing a dozen subscriptions shouldn’t become a part-time job, and there’s absolutely no reason unsubscribing should take more than a single click.


    The Revuto App

    The Revuto App packs a host of powerful features and functions including:

    • Adding subscriptions
    • Issuing Revuto Virtual Debit Cards
    • Controlling subscriptions (Block, Snooze, Approve)
    • Topping up the Revuto Virtual Debit Card(s) with personal debit/credit cards
    • Topping up the Revuto Virtual Debit Card(s) with REVU tokens
    • Sending and receiving REVU tokens in REVU wallet
    • Spending analytics
    • Notifications/alerts


    Successful Token Sale

    A lot of late nights, early mornings, and crammed weekends have gone into the creation of this project. But none of it would have been possible without the faith and support of our communityThey’ve carried us this far and made everything that’s still to come on the Revuto roadmap possible.

    Despite market disruption, we sold every last REVU token reserved for the Token Sale in record time:

    • Early Bird Tier 1: Under 30 minutes
    • Early Bird Tier 2: 18 minutes
    • Community Sale: 42 minutes

    With the help of our community, we raised $10 million in four days and received 1.7m sign-ups in three weeks.


    Why Crypto?

    At Revuto, we believe that crypto is the future of finance, while our interests neatly align with the cypherpunk ethos. Blockchain-based digital assets are designed for transparency and ease of access and provide users with complete control over their funds. This is exactly what Revuto is trying to achieve with subscriptions.

    The Cardano blockchain on which our payment rails run is the engine facilitating this, while the Revuto app is the wrapper that places financial freedom in the hands of everyday consumers. Whether you’re a crypto native, crypto newb, no-coiner, cypherpunk, early adopter, tech-head or tech-phobe, Revuto was made for you.

    Crypto and its underlying technology makes this all possible, but it is the people — the Revuto team, community, and early supporters — who are turning this capability into reality.

    To join us on this journey, follow our social channels below and sign up here for early access to the Revuto app.


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