Friday, July 19, 2024

    SQE, the First Quantum-Secure Blockchain Platform, Joins the Berkshire Innovation Center, Announces New Technologies

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    SQE, the first quantum-secure decentralized blockchain platform, is pleased to announce that it has been accepted to the Berkshire Innovation Center’s Stage 2 Accelerator program.

    As part of the program, SQE will have access to labs, advanced equipment, a digital media studio and internal specialists to assist as it moves forward with its development. SQE will also have a spot in the 2nd cohort of the BIC Manufacturing Academy, which was developed in partnership with MIT, General Dynamics, Mass Tech Collaborative and the US Department of Commerce.

    “I’m energized by the timing of this for SQE and for BIC equally, as it comes at a time when the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is really interested in exploring and understanding how quantum computing is going to impact organizations within its ecosystem,” said Dr. Dennis Rebelo, Chief Learning Officer at the Berkshire Innovation Center. “When I think about the local impact and the statewide impact, it’s clear the timing is right…SQE represents innovation by rapidly exploring and then conjuring new methodologies for problem-solving security risks in a hypercomplex world.”

    Innovation is indeed the backbone of the SQE brand, which is why the company is also announcing today that it has filed two patent applications. One is for its proprietary method of consensus, known as Proof of Entanglement. The other is for its mathematically proven, quantum-secure digital identification, which carries its own key. These patent-pending methodologies are the foundation of SQE’s revolutionary approach to security and sustainability through blockchain.

    “There’s always a cost for performance,” said Hamid Pishdadian, CEO and Founder. “SQE is able to achieve unparalleled results with minimal costs because of our unique technologies, and we’re excited to announce the first of many.”

    SQE is currently in its Series A funding round. For more information about the company or to learn more about investment opportunities, please see our website (

    About SQE

    SQE is a quantum-secure digital platform powered by our patent-pending Simulated Quantum Entanglement technology, which links SQE’s nodes together and allows our mining components to occur without transmitting keys over the internet. SQE’s entangled hardware generates a different key with every transmission. Encryption keys are never transmitted, making transactions on SQE unhackable.

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