Sunday, July 14, 2024

    ReadON hits 400k users, introduces zkEVM chain with custom gas token

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    ReadON, a trailblazer in content distribution, has achieved another significant milestone with its DAO reaching an impressive 400k users. In tandem with this achievement, ReadON unveils its distinct zkEVM application chain, the “ReadON Loki Testnet,” facilitated through the Opside ZK-rollup launchbase.

    Positioned at the forefront of content aggregation, ReadON specializes in offering Content as a Service (CaaS) solutions for dApps. The integration of its proprietary zkEVM application chain empowers the scalability of on-chain data, enhances the ability to capture the value of service outputs and aids users in monetizing their data.

    This milestone marks the global inception of the first-ever zkEVM with a custom Gas Token. Until now, all existing zkEVMs utilized ETH as their primary Gas Token. The innovative custom Gas Token introduces enhanced flexibility and broadens the horizons of potential applications.

    With the ReadON dApp now active on the testnet, users are invited to employ the $READ test token as gas to participate in the content curation activities (“PICK”) within the app. Intriguingly, the amount of $READ airdropped will vary based on the user’s SBT level, paving the way for cost-free content curation and interactive zkEVM chain engagements. With these groundbreaking developments, ReadON is set to redefine the paradigms of content distribution and blockchain interaction.

    About ReadON

    ReadON is a leading decentralized Web3 content aggregation and distribution community and the creator of a content application chain addressing revenue sharing and content moderation issues of Web2. Its solution comprises privacy measures, a Web2 compatible copyright protocol and a permissionless Open Content AI Model. With over 100 B2B clients, including top exchanges and growth platforms, ReadON also boasts its own Web3 content aggregation app, ReadON DAO, embraced by around 400k users. Operated by an all-star founding team of accomplished alumni from Qutoutiao, TikTok, Google, and Ernst & Young who achieved remarkable success in the field of Web2 and have strategic visions on innovation, ReadON has now completed $2 million in financing and won three hackathon awards.

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