Wednesday, May 19, 2021

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    NxGen Brands, Inc. Integrates BTC & Cryptocurrency for Cannabis Delivery

    NxGen Brands Inc. (OTC: NXGB) (“NXGB” or the “Company”), is updating all parties interested that we have successfully included cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence integration as part of our core secure delivery as the request for payment alternatives and security design. This service is to complement our SAAS licensing model for dispensaries across the country. The design will ensure that our customers will achieve a high level of compliance, validation, and security which is being achieved for state and federal oversight.

    Blockchain is a validation technology which is efficient in confirming or registering a transaction or event in a manner which cannot be modified. Our main goal is to ensure secure transfers of custody. When the dispensary sends the order via the secure network, it starts with a secure identifier assigned to the transaction, it gets registered into the blockchain, afterwards anything that happens automatically gets added and the event get registered.

    Artificial Intelligence is being incorporated, with the understanding that it will enhance the capabilities of the delivery network and software design, allowing us to keep pace not only with the cannabis industry, but be able to migrate to other revenue generating models of delivery and supply chain management integration. This allows for a higher performing application output and will assist in streamlining the real-time operations that this adds to the design.

    Integration of AI, machine learning technology, cryptocurrency, blockchain will allow the Company to increase the scale, efficiency, and safety of all the components of the network design. “I am proud to see the how the final version of the delivery application will allow not only compliance at all levels, but will also assist in transport analysis, real time efficient routes for drivers and suppliers. Being able to forecast arrivals and deliveries from within the network will be invaluable as operations streamline themselves” said Angel Burgos, CEO of NxGen Brands Inc. The Company feels that the continued updating of the design to meet and exceed existing market stipulations are key in establishing a standard of security and excellence.

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