Friday, July 19, 2024

    Notifi Integrates with Osmosis to Provide Real-Time Alerts for its DeFi Users

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    Notifi, a leading cross-chain messaging infrastructure layer for web3, is excited to announce its integration with Osmosis. As a premier DeFi hub and Layer 1 chain built on Cosmos, Osmosis boasts a total value locked (TVL) of over $120M. This integration empowers Osmosis users with real-time notifications and alerts via in-app, email and Telegram, keeping them informed about their pool positions and other account activities, enhancing their user experience.

    Notifi continues to build white-label integrations with custom UI and alerts tailored to individual dApps, and recently introduced a new feature – anonymous in-app notifications and alert history. Launching first with the Osmosis integration, this feature is an integral part of Notifi’s new SDK. It enables users to maintain their anonymity while still receiving critical alerts and updates. This eliminates the need for users to sign up for push notifications to email, Telegram, Discord, and SMS. Those who prefer the traditional channels can still sign up as they used to.

    “We’re thrilled to announce our strategic integration with Osmosis, one of the true blue-chip projects in the rapidly evolving DeFi space.” – Paul Kim, CEO and Co-Founder at Notifi.

    Osmosis, a leader in the space pushing the boundaries on usability and design within web3, is the gateway to the interchain. Connecting 50+ sovereign Layer 1s through the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC), Osmosis offers a suite of DAO-gated dApps – including the recently launched Mars lending and credit protocol, along with forthcoming features like Levana perps, Quasar strategy vaults, and the Ion Cosmos ETF, IBCx. Osmosis continues to innovate, providing UX-optimized DeFi and paving the way for a cross-chain future.

    “Notifi integrating with the Osmosis UX is a much needed puzzle piece for a seamless connection between Osmosis and its users.” – Sunny Aggarwal, Osmosis Co-Founder.

    The recent introduction of Supercharged Liquidity by Osmosis, which improves upon the Concentrated Liquidity mechanisms available on other DeFi platforms, provides a highly efficient and user-friendly liquidity provision solution. Notifi will support this new feature, and other customizable notifications and alerts. These features not only improve user experience but also empower them with timely information. Additional notifications and real-time alerts will be added in phases over the coming months.

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