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    Introducing Presearch: The Decentralized Search Engine

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    Presearch is a revolutionary platform that is changing the way people search the internet. Presearch is a decentralized search engine designed to empower users, respect their privacy, and provide a better search experience. It is powered by almost 70,000 user computers (nodes) in more than 100 countries.

    In a world where Big Tech search engines dominate the web with monolithic force, Presearch stands apart as a user-centric, privacy-focused, and community-driven alternative.

    Why Presearch Matters

    Traditional search engines are subject to censorship, collecting vast amounts of user data, invading privacy, tracking and profiling users for profit, while controlling the world’s access to information.

    “The world needs a search engine that is created by the people, for the people, in a way that protects privacy, can’t be censored and runs on decentralized infrastructure to provide resilience. That’s what we’re building here with Presearch,” said Colin Pape, founder of Presearch.

    What is Presearch?

    Presearch is a blockchain-based search engine that respects user privacy and choice while providing rewards. Unlike conventional search engines, Presearch does not track your online activity or sell your data to advertisers. Instead, it lets you control your search experience by allowing you to choose your preferred search engine and customize your search results.

    With centralized search engines, the users are the product, being bought and sold to the highest bidder. With Presearch, it’s the opposite: Presearchers own the value of their web searches through something called Search Staking, which enables you to earn PRE tokens, the currency that powers Presearch.

    These PRE tokens are also used to reward people from all over the world who run Presearch’s node software, which powers the search engine with decentralized computing resources rather than huge data centers like those powering other search engines.

    Advertisers pay for ads in PRE, completing the value circle for the project. The goal is to have Presearch be a platform that is censorship-resistant, independent and antifragile – similar to Bitcoin.

    Key Features of Presearch

    1. Privacy: Your searches on Presearch are private and not tracked. Your data is not used to create personalized profiles or target ads.
    2. Choice: Presearch allows users to choose from more than 100 different search providers with a single click, giving you the flexibility to find the results you want.
    3. Rewards: Presearch rewards users with PRE tokens for participating in the platform. These tokens can be staked, traded, or used to access other perks in the ecosystem like AI search.
    4. Community: Presearch is crowd-funded, community-driven and is implementing community governance through the Presearch Foundation.
    5. Decentralization: Presearch uses blockchain technology and user nodes to power its decentralized infrastructure and will be fully open sourced as the project evolves.

    Latest Presearch Innovations

    1. PreGPT AI: The current version of PreGPT is powered by OpenAI, but the project is building out a decentralized AI offering that will run on Presearch nodes.
    2. Search API: The Search API enables other search engines, applications and AI experiences to be powered by Presearch results.
    3. Search Staking: Search staking allows you to earn increased rewards for searching with Presearch. You stake at least 1000 PRE to earn elevated rewards for up to 25 searches per day.
    4. Keyword Staking: Keyword staking is a concept by Presearch that allows companies to gain website traffic by staking their PRE tokens. Whichever advertiser stakes the most tokens has their ad displayed when their keyword of choice is searched. Advertisers can withdraw their PRE tokens at any time, making traffic almost free!, The minimum amount for keyword staking is 100 PRE.
    5. Node Staking: Nodes provide the computing resources that power Presearch search results. Node staking allows individuals to help process requests within the Presearch ecosystem and earn rewards in exchange for their work running nodes. The minimum amount to stake nodes and obtain rewards is 4000 PRE per node.

    How to Get Started

    1. Sign up: To begin using Presearch, visit [https://www.presearch.com] and create a free account. 
    2. Customize: Choose your preferred search providers, customize your settings, and make Presearch your own. 
    3. Search and Earn: Start searching with Presearch and earn PRE tokens for your searches. The more you search, the more you can earn. 
    4. Search staking: Stake at least 1000 PRE to start earning increased rewards for your searches.

    About Presearch

    Presearch was founded in 2017 with the mission to provide a user-focused, decentralized search engine that respects privacy, enables choice, and rewards community participation. It is powered by blockchain technology and a passionate global community of users and developers.

    To start your decentralized search journey, visit presearch.com today.

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