Monday, March 8, 2021

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    Intel Purchased a Digital Currency for 5 Years

    CMTLabs, Inc. (Currency Method Tokenizing Labs) revealed Intel’s NUC Group purchased CMTL℠ (Computer Memory Test Labs, Inc.) digital currency service tokens during a five year period. Service tokens were purchased to pay for over 450 memory and flash compatibility tests from over 30 manufacturers.

    In 2012, the Intel NUC Group began utilizing CMTL to provide independent memory/flash drive compatibility testing on NUC platforms. Intel corporate credit cards with a monthly discretionary spending amount of $5000 were provided to NUC TMEs (Technical Marketing Engineers) for channel marketing expenses. The TME managing NUC platform tested part lists discovered the testing program could be funded entirely by purchasing CMTL service tokens. By making consistent monthly purchases, a substantial number of reserve tokens would accumulate in Intel’s online digital wallet. The token reserves allowed a large number of part numbers to be tested concurrently when a new NUC platform was released. Because of the dollar amount of reserve tokens, an Intel purchase order and management approval would have been required to purchase the same number of tokens at one time. CMTL’s service token platform allowed the TME to avoid corporate bureaucracy and the risk of not receiving management funding approval. The CMTL testing program and token purchases by Intel’s NUC Group began in mid-April 2012 and ended in mid-April of 2017, when Intel decided to utilize in house and NUC customer self-testing.

    CMTLabs stated, “CMTL’s testing and certification program was completely funded by the Intel NUC purchasing digital currency service tokens. The program and payment platform functioned flawlessly for five years and provides a great case study for applications in other large corporations and service industries”.

    About CMTLabs, Inc. (Currency Method Tokenizing Labs): Established in 2020 to utilize over 20 years of experience providing independent certification services and operating a successful digital currency token payment platform. From 1999 to the end of 2019, over 120 manufacturers utilized CMTL tokens to pay for 27,000+ certifications. 5000+ part numbers were tested on 800+ computer platforms from 50+ manufacturers. Over $1 billion of CMTL certified products have been sold worldwide.

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