Sunday, December 5, 2021

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    Hswap launches “Featured Area” to Boost Emerging DeFi Projects

    Hswap, a decentralized exchange built on HECO Chain that adopts an automatic market-making mechanism (AMM) model, launched the Featured Area section to provide DeFi players with more professional, cutting-edge market information as they continue to grow their projects.

    The DeFi ecosystem has quickly over the past few years, becoming one of the leading sectors in the crypto and blockchain industries. The freedom granted by decentralization has allowed developers to quickly complete the on-chain construction of a new financial ecosystem. DeFi, or decentralized finance, uses smart contract technology to develop various financial applications on the chain. Typical applications include quantification, market making, lending, insurance, bonds, funds, auditing, derivatives, ETF, DEX, clearing and settlement, and more. While there has been an influx of solid projects, including DEXs, the space has also been faced with challenges, such as the proliferation of scam projects, leading to a lack of transparency and trust.

    To address this issue, Hswap has introduced the concept of “Featured Area” for DEX applications, which will lessen the overall impact of low quality projects on the entire DeFi ecosystem, and enable users to better select and invest in quality projects. Hswap will expand its asset product category and token list, as well as add a “Featured Area” section to highlight potential projects based on their market track records to provide DeFi players with more professional, cutting-edge market information.

    Hswap will select potential assets based on their market track, to provide DeFi and NFT players with more cutting-edge market opportunities. In addition, Hswap will recommend outstanding projects to the head trading platform in the future. The recommended projects, which will include popular projects widely recognized by users and high-quality projects in DeFi, Layer 2, Web 3.0, cross-chain, sidechain, and decentralized storage, will naturally stem from Hswap’s newly launched “Featured Area” section.

    Industry insiders believe that Hswap’s introduction of the Featured Area concept and empowerment of high-quality projects is worthy of attention. Hswap is expected to further stimulate the creation of innovative DeFi applications deployed on HECO, and discover the next DeFi unicorn.

    “As a newcomer to the DEX track, Hswap has introduced Featured Area to empower high-quality projects, help users, and further innovation in DeFi applications,” shared Carl, Community Lead at Hswap.

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