Friday, December 9, 2022

    ESG supply-chain information now protected by new blockchain application with no cap-ex expense

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    Public and private companies are wrestling with stakeholders’ emphasis on ESG compliance. Investors, employees, and communities are demanding accountability and ESG information about companies, as well as their suppliers and sub-suppliers. Both the risks and costs around producing and protecting the integrity of this information can be substantial.

    Paul Hartzell, TruDoss Co-founder explains: “TruDoss enables and protects the chain of information by delivering a custom SaaS experience with named folders and categories for your suppliers and their sub-suppliers to upload from anywhere in the world, in almost any document or information format. The information is preserved by our patented private blockchain and can never be altered without detection.”

    “There is no cap-ex expense and information can be loaded immediately after enablement” Hartzell added.

    TruDoss uses a distributed ledger to capture supply chain details and chain of custody. The data can be as sophisticated as from EDI implementations, to using a smart phone on a loading dock. Companies update activities from anywhere in the world with minimal resources in almost real time and creating an immutable record of all documentation giving depth of vision into the entire process. This creates a supply chain record for ESG reporting to investors and stakeholders, building credibility for the corporate brand.

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