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    Alterscope launched its Risk Infrastructure for web3 during the Risk Summit at Devconnect Istanbul

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    Alterscope (formerly known as Solity Network) unveiled at the Risk Summit in Istanbul on the 14th of November 2023 its risk infrastructure that supports protocol teams and investment firms to master the contingencies of web3.

    Benedikt Eikmanns, Co-founder & CEO of Alterscope, mentioned: “Technical fundamentals in decentralized ecosystems are uncharted territory for risk assessment – until now. Alterscope equips its users with the right tools.”

    It’s impossible to assess every potential risk in web3 and lacks standards for assessing protocol-specific risks. Alterscope provides transparency on critical interdependencies between protocols, digital assets, and underlying blockchains. Thereby, Alterscope gives insights into decentralized protocols and enables real-time risk processing for protocol teams and investment firms. In addition, Alterscope enables users to perform in-depth due diligence on protocols, create customizable risk scores, and monitor critical protocol events in real-time. The vision of Alterscope is to enable collective intelligence to prevent systemic risk in tomorrow’s financial systems.

    In a statement by Marijo Radman, the CTO and Co-Founder of Alterscope, mentioned: “Alterscope creates transparency around decentralized protocols, enabling diversification at the technical-fundamental level and amplifying internal risk control processes.”

    Altersope is on a mission to make the crypto industry smarter and more transparent. In specific, Alterscope provides insights into decentralized protocols, enables assessments of their interdependencies, and lays the foundation for novel risk-primitives.

    Marijo Radman also mentioned: “Due to the composable tech stack of the decentralized ecosystems and interconnectedness of its base components like chains, protocols, and middlewares, disruptions in the technical fundamentals have induced disastrous events over the last 18 months. This may change with the launch of Alterscope and its advanced real-time analytics capabilities.”

    Protocol teams are enabled to automatize their risk management, assess technical fundamental risks when deciding on protocol integrations, and obtain real-time monitoring of integrated protocols. Furthermore, Alterscope provides transparency for protocol stakeholders and unlocks new types of ecosystem dashboards that enable end users to do their own research on decentralized protocols. Thereby, Alterscope helps decentralized networks to attract and retain liquidity as well as to grow their communities.

    Investment firms benefit from the capability to conduct thorough Know Your Protocol (KYP) due diligence across various protocols and liquidity pools, facilitating both pre- and post-capital allocation. Additionally, Alterscope provides an unparalleled risk toolkit offering: advanced risk research analysis, and robust support for asset allocation and portfolio construction. In addition, Alerscope empowers risk optimization, continuous risk monitoring, and seamless portfolio rebalancing.

    Benefits for protocol teams and investment firms:

    • Automatize web3 risk management
    • Get actionable insights on protocol-related risks
    • Make protocol integration decisions faster and more reliable
    • Create transparency for protocol stakeholders
    • Enable risk-adjusted vault and portfolio rebalancing
    • Access clean and trustworthy crypto data
    • Improve trading algorithms
    • Build novel risk primitives in DeFi

    Alterscope aims to establish itself as the leader in real-time risk intelligence for the digital assets space, setting high standards to ensure accurate risk assessment, all consolidated in one place and delivered in real-time, giving decentralized and centralized entities alike the confidence to steer and interact with decentralized economies.

    About Alterscope (formerly Solity Network)

    Alterscope (formerly Solity Network) provides the infrastructure for web3 to enable the real-time processing of fundamental risks across chains, protocols, and liquidity pools. By aggregating multi-chain risk parameters, Alterscope creates transparency, sets the stage for machine learning, and enables novel risk primitives in web3.

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