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    Blockchain Job Market Ripe for the Tech Savvy

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    There was a lot of talk in 2017 about making big money in cryptocurrency but for the next generation looking at crypto markets, the money may be in Blockchain related jobs.

    Demand for crypto workers is huge

    While speculators and investors may be at odds about the future of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum what everyone seems to agree on is that the underlying Blockchain technology is going to be a game changer across the board.

    Young, tech-savvy job seekers looking at the crypto job market should be enthused by the amount of opportunity to get into what is potentially the career slot of the future. As the industry is still in its infancy demand is high and competition is low for crypto-related jobs.

    A quick search on for positions with the keyword ‘Blockchain’ in the title got 748 hits while the job site Indeed reported an increase of 621% in job listings that contained the keywords ‘Blockchain’, ‘Bitcoin’ or ‘cryptocurrency’ in since November 2015.

    International Business Machines (IBM) alone has 362 job offerings posted on tagged with the keyword ‘Blockchain’. Other well-known names such as Uber, Capitol One, GIECO, and eBay are also on the search for applicants with crypto skill sets.

    As the technology develops job opportunities will increase

    Blockchain related jobs involving every aspect of utilizing the technology from design and engineering through to sales and marketing are already searching for applicants.

    As the technology develops jobs not yet defined will evolve and those who already have a working knowledge of the technology will benefit. These jobs maybe managing currencies already in existence, creating new ones (ICO’s) or implementing the blockchain into other industries such as logistics.

    Many of the people filling these positions will be transitioning from related fields. Others may come from having a private interest in trading cryptocurrencies or running their own mining operations but some will have come from university programs developing in schools around the world. Universities in the US such as UC Berkeley, MIT, and Cornell all have blockchain programs in development and classes that regularly fill their largest lecture halls.

    “cryptocurrency and blockchain markets could eventually be a $10-trillion business. The engineers and other business leaders building that market will likely get their fair share of that value themselves.”

    Said RBC Capital Markets analyst Mitch Steves.

    Today the average salary for a Blockchain developer is around $80,000 while for a principal engineer it can be as much as 150,000 according to MSN Money.

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