Friday, July 19, 2024

    Astra Nova: The Tier 1 Web3 Game Booming With 170,000+ Active Users Pre-Token Launch

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    Astra Nova, the revolutionary action RPG, is making significant strides as the 1st Web3 game to emerge from Saudi Arabia’s vibrant gaming landscape. Built on Unreal Engine 5, Astra Nova is captivating the gaming community with its innovative approach and immersive gameplay.

    Currently, Astra Nova is running a highly successful SocialFi campaign called “The Black Pass,” boasting over 170,000+ users, including 50,000 daily active users (DAU). In this campaign, users undertake social and in-game tasks in return for shards (points on the platform). This tremendous engagement underscores the game’s growing popularity and the strong community it has cultivated.

    As anticipation builds, the team has revealed plans for an upcoming token launch slated for Q3-Q4,2024. Astra Nova will explore integration with prominent chains such as Immutable zkEVM, opBNB, and Hedera Hashgraph, further enhancing its technological foundation.

    Astra Nova plans to conduct a community pre-sale, providing exclusive access to SuperNova Key holders. These keys, the first Community Pass NFTs from Astra Nova, grant genesis access to the game’s ecosystem for loyal users. Additionally, they serve as an extension item for the Black Pass, enabling users to participate in the community presale of $RVV and receive a 15% points boost on the Astra Nova Black Pass SocialFi Platform. The SuperNova Keys reside on the Polygon chain & will be sold on Dew and OKX platforms on July 10th and 12th, respectively.

    Astra Nova has garnered support from a robust network of partners, including the HBAR Foundation, Hashgraph Association, Hedera Hashgraph,, FunToken, MON Protocol, Gaimin, True Gaming, BGA, OKX, Shards, Merit Circle, OMA3, Ultra, Elixir,, Zksync, opBNB, BTS Global, Nvidia, Microsoft Founder’s Hub, Portal Coin, Wemix, Immutable, Aethir, Blade Wallet, Kairon Labs, Tillo, and Polygon DAO.

    Players can now access the first playtest, “Chapter 1: Fall of Saerinda,” available on the Steam, Epic Store, Gaimin, and Aethir. The team plans to release progressive game playtests on a quarterly basis until the full game launch.

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