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    AnCrypto — World’s first chat and pay crypto wallet garners 100K downloads

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    Blockchain products never cease to surprise, and the latest addition to the stack is AnCrypto — a decentralized crypto wallet that had a stunning launch in December 2022.

    AnCrypto’s strength lies in its ability to make crypto finance easier and accessible for users of all types. The wallet operates on the principle that all users deserve the right to control and invest their money, regardless of remittance regulations.

    Since its launch on Dec. 12, 2022, the wallet has recently garnered over 100,000 downloads, making it one of the fastest-growing DeFi products. Amid the recent unrest in crypto markets, AnCrypto’s stupendous success testifies to the strengthening trust of the global crypto community.

    As an end-to-end encrypted decentralized wallet, AnCrypto offers users a secure and user-friendly platform for storing and managing their cryptocurrency assets. The wallet gives users complete control over their funds by utilizing advanced encryption techniques and not holding private keys.

    The highlight feature of the wallet is the chat and pay feature that makes it the world’s first wallet of its kind.

    The chat and pay feature leaps conventional methods of executing crypto transactions, such as wallet and address transfers. Here, users can quickly send and receive crypto in the same window while they chat.

    This makes it easier for users to seek immediate acknowledgments and further track transactional history. The chat and pay feature is currently integrated with more than nine chains and will include more in upcoming releases.

    The wallet supports secure, fast and peer-to-peer crypto transfers through chat, wallet addresses and QR codes.

    The multichain experience has triggered more than 1 million transactions so far

    While AnCrypto supports transactions in nine tokens, the platform integrates blockchain bridges for easier cross-chain transactions. With the increase in public chains, users will likely prefer a multichain experience and eliminate the hassle of downloading and maintaining multiple single-chain wallets.

    With AnCrypto bridge, users can move assets from one chain to another in just a few steps.

    This enables them to store their wealth across multiple blockchains and use AnCrypto to attract this active user pool by scaling its utility to more networks.

    Over 150,000 wallet creations in 15 days and still counting

    What makes chat and pay even more user-friendly are the exclusive usernames. AnCrypto is addressing one of the crypto industry’s most common problems: memorizing complex wallet addresses as identifiers of users. Lengthy alphanumeric names were prone to money mistakenly being sent to the wrong addresses. With usernames, AnCrypto users can simply type the name and execute transactions in the window.

    At the time of writing, AnCrypto had already garnered over 150,000 wallet creations. Given the wallet’s iOS launch due later this month, the count will likely increase at an impressive rate.

    In addition to its security features, AnCrypto is designed to be accessible to all users, with an intuitive interface and customization options for advanced users.

    Going forward

    The team at AnCrypto looks forward to its hugely anticipated iOS launch and expanding the wallet’s existing user base from 100 to more countries. While the crypto markets brace for revamping in 2023, AnCrypto emerges as a silver lining for the business.

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