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    Revolutionary metaverse Megavrse announces landmark land sale on Binance NFT

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    Megavrse, a trailblazer in the metaverse ecosystem, today announced its groundbreaking inaugural land sale of 9,999 unique land parcels on the Binance NFT platform. This exclusive opportunity propels the metaverse experience into new territories, providing distinctive benefits to early adopters.

    “Megavrse is not just a hyper-realistic and immersive metaverse. We are transforming digital interactions by empowering users from across the spectrum — brands, gamers, enterprises and government entities,” said Mojtaba Asadian, founder and CEO of Megavrse.

    The forthcoming land sale, split equally across BNB, BTC and ETH Islands, presents unprecedented rewards for landowners. “This is not just an investment in a parcel of virtual land. It’s an investment in the future of digital innovation,” stated Simon Fletcher, head of operations at Megavrse.

    Investors will gain access to Megavrse’s unique Metaverse AI Builder platform, an innovative toolset for creating interactive experiences in the metaverse. More than that, the land sale introduces a robust financial incentive for long-term commitment.

    Megavrse offers a remarkable fixed annual percentage yield (APY) of 24% for users who choose to stake their NFTs for up to four years, with APY paid monthly in stablecoins. Adding to the excitement, 300 of the NFT land parcels will come with a cash prize drawn from a total pool of $250,000, distributed via transparent, publicly verifiable smart contracts.

    “Through these compelling incentives, we aim to build a dynamic ecosystem that fuels growth, engagement and prosperity in our metaverse,” added Asadian.

    The land sale commences in the last week of July 2023. Interested participants can stay updated and join the thriving Megavrse community through its Twitter, Telegram and Instagram accounts.

    With numerous promotional activities lined up, including big-name partnerships, YouTube videos, PRs and an appearance on one of Mario Nawfal’s incredibly popular Twitter Spaces podcast, the momentum around this pioneering land sale is growing.

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be a part of the future with Megavrse.

    About Megavrse

    Megavrse is a pioneering metaverse platform revolutionizing digital interaction. With its cutting-edge technology, Megavrse provides a hyper-realistic and immersive environment, offering endless opportunities for growth, revenue and community building.

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