Monday, July 15, 2024

    FunFair Ventures has completed the pre-seed round for Simplicity Group

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    FunFair Ventures has completed the pre-seed round for Simplicity Group, accelerating their expansion plans with capital injection and advisory support.

    Simplicity Group is dedicated to bringing clarity to the complex world of crypto. Their mission is to make the overwhelming space more accessible for everyone, accelerating mass adoption. As a team of economists, researchers, and successful founders, they offer a holistic and comprehensive set of services focused on tackling the biggest problems from multiple perspectives: token architecture, due diligence, research, and advisory.

    Simplicity have just launched their due diligence platform,, which allows any investor to request due diligence into new crypto projects, as well as being able to view all the reports created for other platform members. The goal is to simplify the investment process for investors, ranging from angels and family offices to investors coming from Web2.

    The primary focus of the investment is to help facilitate the growth of the platform.

    Lloyd Purser, COO at FunFair Ventures, commented: “Facilitating Simplicity’s growth at the pre-seed stage was a total no brainer for us. We’re a boutique ventures business with a small team and at times rely on outsourced services. We’ve been outsourcing research, project analysis, and DD to Simplicity for a while now and the benefits to us are huge, we know this will be the case for other ventures businesses too”.

    For more information, or to check out their high-value content on tokens, Web3, or finance in general, check out below:





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