Friday, July 19, 2024

    Coinigy Revolutionizes Crypto Day-Trading Experience with Enhanced Multi-Monitor Support

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    Coinigy, the world’s leading platform for managing digital wallet portfolios, today unveils its latest feature that caters specifically to day traders. With the integration of cutting-edge window management technology, Coinigy now provides traders with the ability to utilize multiple monitors, akin to the renowned Bloomberg Terminal. This development ushers in a new era of efficiency, convenience, and profitability for traders worldwide.

    William Kehl, co-founder of Coinigy states “Coinigy has always believed in giving crypto enthusiasts and traders the tools they need to effectively manage their wallets and positions. The multi-monitor environment, which is common in the equity, stock and forex worlds is an important step forward and represents additional functionality for Coinigy users, who already enjoy multi-exchange access.”

    Coinigy’s advanced crypto trading platform immerses traders in a seamless multi-monitor experience. Retail crypto traders can now access professional tools once reserved for well-funded prop shops and institutions, empowering them to monitor price action on multiple exchanges simultaneously.

    To take advantage of Coinigy’s multi-monitor trading platform, follow these simple steps to sign up for a free account:

    Step 1: Visit Coinigy’s website at
    Step 2: Fill in the necessary details and complete the registration process.

    The company, which has been in the crypto space since 2014, helps traders take control of their crypto trading experience with a fully customizable and themeable user interface that supports every major browser and multi-monitor configuration. Real-time market data, charts, crypto news, and more can be viewed at the same time, giving a huge advantage over trading through traditional crypto exchanges’ interfaces. Coinigy also offers mobile and tablet apps that allows remote portfolio monitoring on both iOS and Android.

    For more information about Coinigy and its upcoming features, please visit

    About Coinigy

    Coinigy is a cloud based cryptocurrency trading platform that connects to more than 45 different exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, Kraken, and more while offering an array of practical tools designed to optimize your digital portfolio management. Users can take advantage of features such as Tradingview charting, real-time price and volume alerts, a cryptocurrency screener, smart portfolio monitoring, and many other tools that will be unveiled in upcoming press releases. By leveraging these features, traders maintain control over their portfolios and gain a competitive edge with real-time notifications.

    Coinigy aims to provide customers with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage and trade cryptocurrencies. With a strong focus on user experience, security, and innovation, Coinigy simplifies cryptocurrency trading, equipping users with the confidence and tools necessary to navigate the digital asset market seamlessly.

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