Monday, July 15, 2024

    AirDAO backs Modus with a £125,000 investment, boosting Real World Asset (RWA) property development innovations

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    AirDAO is excited to announce the finalization of its investment of £125,000 into Modus, a revolutionary United Kingdom-based Real World Asset (RWA) blockchain company. The investment is a significant step forward in AirDAO’s mission to expand its ecosystem by integrating innovative projects and driving network usage.

    Modus is at the forefront of innovation in web3, focusing on fractionalizing property development investment opportunities through tokenized RWAs. Their pioneering approach aligns perfectly with AirDAO’s long-term vision for its ecosystem. AirDAO is committed to nurturing projects that drive network usage and align with its core values.

    AirDAO’s investment signifies the confidence AirDAO has in Modus’ potential to become a leading RWA project. The investment will facilitate the migration of Modus’ project from Ethereum to AirDAO’s blockchain, presenting a unique opportunity to capitalize on the burgeoning RWA sector in web3.

    Modus will launch its MODUS utility token with a max supply of 1b tokens and a deflationary model from day one. AirDAO leads the seed round investment and has an allocation of 15.6 million tokens, vested over 30 months with an 18-month cliff.

    AirDAO is well positioned to support the integration of Modus into its ecosystem and will provide support with development, marketing, and other essential areas. AirDAO’s nimble and ambitious approach will be vital to helping Modus grow. Modus aligns with AirDAO’s DAO governance principles and will allocate AirDAO a board seat to ensure active participation in the decision-making process.

    Modus co-founder, Elliot Khalil, said: “We’re excited to announce our partnership within the AirDAO ecosystem! This collaboration propels Modus toward our vision of empowering our community to become the largest homebuilders in Europe. As we join forces with AirDAO, we’re committed to pioneering blockchain innovation and collectively shaping the future of decentralised finance and real estate. Let’s Buidl together!”

    The investment into Modus is a testament to AirDAO’s dedication to expanding its ecosystem by integrating cutting-edge crypto projects. Together, AirDAO and Modus will explore new possibilities and realize mutual success, creating a prosperous future for their communities.

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